Handmade Invitations

I have the pleasure of helping throw a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law. My jobs just happen to be all the fun stuff! I absolutely love hand made cards, so I checked on etsy but was surprised I didn’t find what I had in mind which left me with two options- settle for something store bought and generic or make it myself. With an idea in mind and two boys in toe I headed to my local Hobby Lobby… Two hours later I had what I needed. As soon as I got home I whipped one up to make sure that what I had pictured in my mind would translate well on paper.


I’m quite happy with my results and best of all I could use some supplies from my crafting stash to save on money! I wanted the invitation to be really beautiful and special. Here are some tips for doing that.

Use quality paper- it’s more money but well worth it! The paper I used has a pearl shimmer to it (which you can’t see in the pictures I took), very fancy.

Use textures- the ribbon adds a great feel and was a cheap way to step it up a notch.

Add something extra- instead of trying to cram all the details onto the invitation I added a little note card with registration and info on both sides.

Something for the bride- I added a recipe card and asked the ladies to share their favorite meal with the soon to be bride.



Always use markers- pens are SO boring and dare I say… Ugly! Get a fine point marker in a coordinating color and use your best handwriting skills (which in my case is still sad) and write away. I found that taking a break to stuff envelopes every five invitations or so kept my penmanship from getting cramped and sloppy. Really, I need all the help I can get in this department!

And lastly:
Wrap it like a gift- use nice envelopes, tie it with a ribbon so friends and family of the bride to be feel like they are receiving a little gift in the mail. I may be over doing it and making a bigger deal out of invitations than they really are but I feel that the invitation sets the tone or standard for the shower. It gives the guests a taste of what they can expect at the party and even the highly anticipated wedding- her colors are plum purple and light green.
And after all, who doesn’t like getting something pretty in the mail? It’s the only thing that keeps me checking it every day, you never know when a fun invitation might head your way!



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