Soup’s on!

i love finding good recipes and to me the easier the better. I’m all about the one pot meal and “Eyeballing” it. A dash of this a little of that is all it takes. Any unnecessary steps that can be eliminated or made easier are put to memory for next time. I often edit as I go and remember what can be fixed for next time. Ok, so I do look at measurements but more for reference and not as a rule.

so be warned: if you are looking for handholding, step by step instructions and exact measurements you are at the wrong place.

However if you are looking for a delicious easy meal for dinner, search no more you have come to the right place!

tonight we have a wonderfully simple winter soup!

Sausage Potato Kale Soup


Start with 1-2lbs Italian sausage hot, mild or both. For a lighter version use turkey sausage.

onion, garlic (I like a couple spoonfuls of the diced kind in the jar)

cook in soup pot over medium high heat chopping the sausage down as it cooks


Next add kale, fresh or frozen about 2-4 cups worth depending how much you have on hand. It will cook down and add not only nutrition but great color and flavor to your soup.

also at this time you may season with about a teaspoon of nutmeg which will add a nice sweetness.


After the kale has wilted down add your 6-8 cups chicken broth (my husband likes his soups more  “brothy” and I like mine thicker so I try to get it right in the middle).

next add your diced potatoes, I used about 5cups of red skin ones so I didn’t have to do any peeling. For an even easier option you can always grab a bag of fresh or frozen diced potatoes from the store!

cook till potatoes are tender, about two hours. My best soups are the ones that I let simmer all day so I usually try to start my cooking in the morning after dropping my oldest off at school.


Final step: just before serving add one cup (ish 😉) cream, milk or even coconut milk to finish off your soup with a creamy smooth flavor. Also add any salt or pepper. I like to serve my soups ready to eat but someone always ends up adding extra salt anyways.

this soup was good from the first bowl right down to the last one that my three year old polished off. The perfect balance between broth and hearty. Perfect for a cold winters night (or lunch).

i hope your family will enjoy this as much as mine did!


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