A Little Needlebook


I stayed up way too late but it felt so good to start and finish a project in one night!

i flowed a Nanacompany Needlebook tutorial (find it on my Pinterest “sew” board), but just like I do my own thing with recipes I wanted to put my own spin on this little thing too.

For Valentine’s Day I had ordered some fancy little needles and an embroidery scissors (who needs flowers anyways?😉) and now I have a perfectly portable place for them. image image

I added the little pockets to keep my floss handy and also the little elastic loop to hold the cool little case for storing my embroidery needles in. The inside fabric is Robert Kaufman chevron in teal and the cute little flowers on the cover are by Tasha Noel.image

Here’s the center felt page for storing needles, color coordinating needles too!

Another feature I added was a little snap on a ribbon to hold my new little scissors in place. I think I’ll tweek the placement of these additions on my next book, but worked out pretty well since I was eyeballing it on everything. A little crooked in places but let’s just say that adds to the charm of having something handmade ☺️

image image

And in closing, if my son sees these next pictures I will never get my Needlebook back. I was just playing around and thinking of other uses for this. Maybe I’ll have to make him his own. Or even a little lego guy case! Hmmm…

image image


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