Mail Organizer

Today I finished MY mail organizer and I am very happy with how it turned out!! After making my son a little wall hanging/ organizer I wanted to tweak it more to suit my needs (and my ever growing pile of mail!). So tweak I did and trim and eyeball and trim again till it was just what I needed. 

I used a heavy duty sew-in stabilizer as my base then stitched the navy and ticking fabrics one at a time onto that adding the ribon to the tops. I embroidered the two linen patches in navy using two different methods. The address one is ironed on with interfacing to give it a “label” look and the other was made to look like a patch and is only attached by the corner stitches. Lastly I bound the linen backing to the front and made my corners as neat as possible, they do seem better than my last so I guess that’s improvment!A favorite feature is the tiny Eiffel Tower tag. My husband says we have too many Eiffel towers in our house, he is right and I should probably count to see how many times it appears around here. Rainy day kids game! But they are just too great!


A nice little reminder to organize! I actually need a big, HUGE reminder to not only organiz but also clean and pick up but this nice little one will hopefully at least help with the mail organization. The tiny clothespins are from Target’s dollar spot, 20 for a dollar and they are just too cute. I picked them up about a week ago so they might still have them 😉

The crochet ribon trim was a last minute addition and I wasn’t sure if it was too girlie or cutesy so I asked my oldest and he said it looked “cool”, I think he was right.And now here it is in its final resting place, bad lighting and all by the desk, chocked full of bills and junk to organize! And after filling it I now think it will need to be tacked to the wall so it will hang nicely. Just another tweak ☺️


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