It all started when…


To you this may just look like a cute pile of fabric but to me it is so much more. Almost two years ago I was on a mission to find a baby bedding set to go with our RED nursery. Everything I saw that would match was either  ugly with fire trucks or modern and way too much money. So I started looking on pintrest for ideas, famous last words right? One rabbit trail led to another and I found this amazing blanket posted by someone on Flicker image

I was drawn into the bold modern mix of colors paired with cute and whimsical puppies, girls and boys on scooters. Enter the world of fabric designer Aneela  Hoey. I loved how the maker of this quilt did something so simple so as not to take attention away from the fabric but to draw your eye to the prints on it. The only quilting I had ever known was rather dark with lots of busy details and complicated designs in the quilting. I still find myself going for things that really showcase the fabrics.

In the end the baby blanket I made was just what I had wanted, something modern yet whimsical and sweet.image

I’m sure everyone has that something that drew them into the world of making, that made you stop and go “hey, I think I could do that” and for me this was it. I had a need, I found inspiration, got supplies, borrowed a sewing machine, watched lots of tutorials and I’m sure did everything wrong. But it was great and I loved every step of the creating process… So when I see this line called Sherbet Pips, it always brings me back to the sweet beginning. And since it was on Instagrams “great fabric destash” for a very reasonable price, I just had to get some! And now I see I need those cute puppies in every color too😉


2 Responses to “It all started when…”

  1. Jenni Says:

    I love your baby quilt, Faith! Isn’t it something how you just needed a little inspiration to get you started…and now look at how far you’ve come! Wow! Neat story.

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