Creative Confidence

This week I’ve been struggling a little with creative confidence. I’m sure we all have it at times. I am new to the world of sewing, stitching and creating “all the things”. I don’t quite live-sleep-breath it…yet. 
I started this journey over the summer with a goal in mind, compleat the book Sweetly Stitched Handmades and all its projects. Each week I knew what to make and I had everything I needed to do it. Along the way I had so much support and encouragement from the Instagram community. 

Now that it’s over I’ve been questioning my next makes and doubting I have the skills to create anything on my own. Now that I have more than a handful of followers on social media I have been reluctant to post my not so perfect makes. I am trying to find the balance between posting pretty pictures and sharing my day to day life, which lets be honest: life in a house with 4 MEN is not so pretty sometimes (most of the time). I realize I am probably not the only one struggling with this so here’s what I told myself last night and I will say it to you too. 

You can do it!

Your work is good enough!

You ARE talented!

Be yourself and who God has made YOU to be!

Of course these are things that can be applied to any part of our lives not just creating. Don’t let fear and self doubt stop you, do your best and have fun doing it. And also authenticity, even when it’s not pretty is refreshing in a world that’s consumed by “perfection” and only showing our “good” sides.

So with that I’m going to tackle the pile of dirty dishes and later squeeze in some imperfect, wonky stitching. And if it’s not pretty enough for someone, that’s ok. I am still learning and I insist on having fun and enjoying the whole process… Seam rippers, crooked stitches and all.


5 Responses to “Creative Confidence”

  1. Jennifer Rouzan Says:

    The secret to success is failure(s). Show it all with confidence and it will inspire others.

  2. Jenni Says:

    I love what you wrote. Thank you, Faith! Yes, this is what I struggle with as well. There are some things I’ve made which I don’t think are “good enough” for posting. I sure don’t see any flaws in your sewing…and if there were they are all good mistakes.

  3. Kristin Says:

    I personally find it endearing (and such a relief!) when people show things that aren’t perfect. I think everything you make is adorable! Don’t fear! Just keep on making!

  4. homedreamer07 Says:

    I love every bit of your self talk! And you’re absolutely right. I struggle with the same doubts about my writing. Thank you for sharing! (And I’m enjoying your blog very much!)

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