The Coral Cottage

what do you give your sister-in-law (who also happens to be one of your best friends) for a milestone birthday? Something very cheap but also very special!! It’s a win win really!

They have a little cottage that is so warm and welcoming (just like they are) that they recently painted and now refer to as “the coral cottage”. So my first thought was to do a rough painting of it but my painting skills are pretty rusty and plus that would mean digging all the art supplies from out of the basement, ugh! Who wants to do that!? 

So why not stitch it? I started by photographing it this summer, isn’t it just so inviting?

Next I drew up a rough drawing with my super professional supplies of Notebook, pen and quilting ruler. Then added some color just to see how it worked out. Like my fancy try at chairs in the front there? They didn’t quite make the final draft.

I’m really bad at keeping my projects a secret and I like to get feedback from others so this little rough draft was texted off to Mom and Auntie (my sister). I was actually just hoping it would be recognizable to them! 

Next I traced onto the wonder that is Pellon Stick n’ washaway making little changes as I went. This stuff really is awesome as I don’t like to trace directly onto my fabrics and I usually can’t see through the darker ones anyways. Save yourself a headache and buy a pack at Joanns! 

 There was lots of referring back to my pictures for little details and colors when choosing my embroidery floss. 
As this was going to be just a sketch type stitching I wanted to get the flower boxes just right. And she is a pretty awesome gardener that I wanted to do justice to! Lots of French Knots, little bits of green and hints of orange.

 One of my favorite things to do is blend floss, by using two strands of one orange  and one of another it gave me just the color I was looking for. I think it gave the chimney just the right color too.

We are Of Dutch heritage, hence the tulip and Start is their last name. I wanted to incorporate these into my work so I added it to the bottom changing it up just a little.

When all was done I simply rinsed away the Pellon product and laid it out to dry. I later used startch to dampen it and stretched it in the hoop nice and tight to get any wrinkles out, worked pretty good.

All done, a little wonky and crocked in spots but loving and cozy just like the house itself.

Oh and I think it’s safe to say she liked it😉


One Response to “The Coral Cottage”

  1. Jenni Says:

    Faith! Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for sharing all the little details of your embroidery project. You again brought me to tears! That is so incredibly sweet of what you did for her. I LOVE all the details. It turned out so beautiful!!!! And I adore her cottage. Wow! To actually live in a cottage that looks like that….so awesome. Thanks again for sharing!

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