This beautiful bundle of sweetness came in the mail today, I thought it deserved a proper blog post😉

A while back I decided to send a small gift to Amy  (Nanacompany) as a thank you for the beautiful prize pack she sent me for winning the Sweetly Stitched Sew Along on Instagram, remember that? (Feels like so long ago!) I found a tea towel and mug from Anthropology and made my very first set of Liberty heartstrings. I literally prayed as I sent it out that she wouldn’t think I was some sort of creepy fan girl😳😂😂😂 I’m normal I swear! (Mostly😉).  I really just wanted to bless her for all her kindness.image

If you follow Amy’s blog you will know what she ended up doing to that beautiful tea towel😱😂 and you probably had a good laugh over her post just like I did! She made a whole pile of goodness from that one little tea towel! Brilliant idea and such a fun way to share the gift.


This trivet is practically bullet proof! Super sturdy but so beautiful! And because I like to USE things that I love… This will be used and spilled on and washed over and over and over again. Or at least that’s the plan😉


I looked up what it says on this pretty little bookmark “Mon seul trésor” my one treasure… So fitting for the Instagram  sewing community I’ve become a *tiny* part of. I truly treasure the support and encouragement of not only Amy but so many other sweet creators I’ve come to know and love this year.

Ok, so this post turned super sappy! Let’s just end with a Thank you, sweet Amy! You have blessed me more than you know💕


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  1. Amy Says:

    ha ha I love sappy! so sweet, Faith. I believe that saying, “Give the world the best that you can and the best will come back to you.” kinda fitting, right?

  2. Dori Smith Troutman Says:

    Beautiful post! Amazing how Internet has brought us in contact with people that make us feel like we’ve known them forever. Very sweet!

    – Dori –

    P.S. Hopefully you’re fully recovered from your Target trip! 🙂

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