Three Christmas Quilts



If you’ve been following me on Instagram then chances are you have heard me talking about Lecien Fabrics lately. I have been following them for a while and so enjoy seeing their beautiful range from bright florals to cute kitties and bold text prints. There’s really something for everyone! When I saw their new Modern Magical Wintertime collection and that it came in three colorways I just knew I had to make each of my boys a quilt for Christmas.


I found a great star block tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew that you can find Here. I added 2 1/2 inch sashing between the blocks and went with very random fabric placement (otherwise I drive myself crazy overthinking each tiny bit).

Here are a couple tips I found to be helpful:


A Hera marker by Clover, costs about $4 at a craft store- go buy one, you can thank me later! Perfect for marking lines to sew on! This block goes very easily once you get started but its a lot of “mark, sew, cut repeat” and seeing a line to sew did wonders for seams lining up! Bottom right picture: if you sew just a hair to the right of the tip of the corner it will open up much nicer (also not if you sew just a hair to the left of the corner your block will be a bit smaller and you may have trouble sewing it to the next square).


I wanted these quilts to be nice and snuggly so I stuck with a simple quilting outline of each star and just look at how krinkley it came out! For the backing I bought a king size flannel sheet set from Target (for all of $22!) and was able to get all three quilt backs out of the top sheet… looks like next Christmas will call for another quilt to use up the fitted sheet! Possibly one for Daddy? hmm…


My oldest sons favorite color is green (just like his mama) and we both think this is the perfect shade. And seriously, is there anything better than stripey binding?

IMG_6329 (2)

Very simple, but I love it! The blue quilt is a smaller 38×38 square just right for the two year old and I went with light blue stars. I think this is a great winter quilt in the blues.


For me, beautiful fabric is all in the details. my quilting taste is pretty simple (and lets be honest, it kinda has to be when your skill level is also very simple) I like the fabrics to be the “star” of the show with bigger fabric cuts and simple lines. Just look at these *tiny* details! Soft silver snowflakes on the binding? Yes please! White tulips and periwinkle hearts? Absolutely! And honestly every print in this line is just filled to the brim with tiny bits of cuteness. Suitable for kids and grown ups alike!


And here is the shot I had been wanting to get since the first time I saw this line. My three boys each wrapped up in a quilt made just for them with so much love from Mama. Thank you to Lecien Fabrics for the beautiful fabric! L’s Modern Magical Wintertime will be in stores June 2016.


Merry Christmas friends!


3 Responses to “Three Christmas Quilts”

  1. jd785 Says:

    The quilts are SO cute! I am still at the simple patchwork stage of quilting—-not yet brave enough to try piecing 🙂

  2. Klara Camire Says:

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