Ministry of Fabric


Every once in a while a package comes along that deserves a whole blog post… One of the friends I made this past year on Instagram is a sweetheart named Alisha Orlando. I think I first “met” her through the sweetly stitched sew along when she made a beautiful bag that caught my eye.  Since then  I have loved seeing her posts and reading her encouraging comments. I was very excited to learn that she is opening an online fabric shop, who better to order fabric from than someone who has a lot of the same tastes as you, right!?


I placed a “surprise” order, meaning I asked her to just surprise me with goodies and boy did she ever! These I believe are Sevenberry fabrics and I hate to say it but they may be a new obsession. Just look at those tiny florals!

IMG_6625 (2)

Also by Sevenberry: these beautiful pastel dots! It may be the dead of winter here but these are sending my strait to Spring! I can totally see them playing with some darker fabrics for a striking contrast.

IMG_6622 (2)

I was also sent my very first Aurifil  and it just happens to be their  shimmery Brillo thread! So seriously are you liking her shop yet?

IMG_6629 (2)

Alisha is working on her website but for now you can place orders through her Instagram page Ministry of Fabric. Shipping is from Australia but I think this came in about a weeks time, not bad at all! I wasn’t even expecting it for another week or two making the surprise all the better!

Stay tuned for more Ministry of Fabric makes and fun 😉

Now, what to make?…


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    THANKS for sharing on Your Blog !

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