For the love of Liberty

IMG_6766 (3)

Taking a little break from heart making to share with you my heart for Liberty hearts. (Ok I promise that was the only cheesy pun!)

If you happened to stumble upon my little blog and don’t know me from Instagram then chances are you haven’t seen my Liberty “Heartstrings”. And if you do follow me then chances are you’re getting sick of seeing hearts, for that I am sorry and totally get it! I plan to take a heart making break after Valentines Day 😉


It all started when I needed a few thank you gifts and a swap extra. I wanted to make something that was a little more my own than a pin cushion or needle book may have been (and lets face it, the ladies I was making for pretty much wrote the book on cushions and needle books!). To be honest I prayed for a good idea and after going over many options in my head I decided to try whipping up a few sets.


It went pretty good for making it up off the top of my head. The biggest “woops” was using a Frixion pen to mark my sewing lines and then having them reappear! Thanks to tips from a few good friends I found a Clover brand pen that works much better. I thought that maybe I could sell them on Instagram so I made two sets using some basic fabrics that I loved. Lets just say they didn’t fly off the shelf. My sweet friend bought one and I ended up gifting the other set to my sister. I decided to try again and go with what everyone loves, Liberty of London fabrics.


I was so nervous listing those first sets (I still get nervous!) but my trick is to only make sets that I love. That way if worse comes to worse I am “stuck” with sets I like or am happy to gift to friends or use in swaps.

IMG_6443 (2)

Fabric selection is by far, one of my favorite parts. The combinations and options are almost endless! I mean come on! Who wouldn’t love to play with these every week!? I consider it a huge blessing to be able to work with what I love!


A favorite custom orders last November was an extra long garland for someones Christmas tree. Yes, I do take custom orders and I have loved working with people to (hopefully) make them something they will love and cherish for a long time to come. Just another blessing of being a maker!


Another custom order of TINY 1 1/2 inch hearts to be attached to packages and gifts. These little ones can be a hassle to work with but they are just SO stinking cute!


Valentines prep has kept me working with lots of pinks. Pink and aqua, pink and kitties, pink and purple, you get the picture. Also I took a wild guess that Heather Ross  Heartstrings might go over well. I’m making more this week and my sister already requested some for her girls room.


So who knows what the future holds, I would have never thought six months ago that a large portion of my time would be spent making HEARTS! I keep waiting for everyone to get sick of them! For now I am happily working away, enjoying the process, pouring love and care into each little heart and counting every sale a blessing. If you have “liked” or bought any of my makes, I truly appreciate it.

thanks for stopping by! I’ll leave you with a colorful heart that I made for a rainbow loving friend:






3 Responses to “For the love of Liberty”

  1. agnes Says:

    They are lovely and even lovelier on your blog because the pics are so big. 🙂

  2. Denise Says:

    I love my heartstring, and am hoping my 2nd one will arrive this weekend. The funny thing — I always tell people that I’m not into hearts! But these Liberty hearts are just enchanting. Thank you, Faith!

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