The Three Little Piggies Zakka House

IMG_6937 (2)

Today was a day for making something cute and utterly useless (other than it’s cuteness of course, which I happen to think counts for a lot of use). I bought this cute fat quarter of three little piggies on linen and had no idea what I would use it for. I planned to make a little “soft book” out of it but then realized that might be more work than I wanted to take on in one afternoon and it would probably sit on the floor for most of its life.


So I just started fussy cutting all the little scenes. Have I mentioned how much I hate to fussy cut!? The loss of beautiful fabric practically HURTS my cheap Dutch heart. But the sacrifice is sometimes a necessary evil for an adorable result.


Before I knew it a little house was taking shape! The scenes are 2 inch finished squares with 1 inch sashing between. I took the time to iron the seams open on the back since linen is thicker and i didn’t want it to be so bumpy. Ric rac is always a good idea, don’t you think? I have found that if you mark a 1/4 line along the top (or wherever you plan to use trim) and then center your trim ON this line your trim will show better. Otherwise if you line your trim right up next to the edge it will get lost in that 1/4 inch seam allowance we all use. (I’m pretty sure this is common knowledge but I had NO idea so hopefully this is helpful to someone).


For the roof I cut a 6×11 piece of red ticking cloth, folded it in half to find the center and then folded each side down and clipped into place. Then simply stitch along the top edge of the house. Your row of stitches should be exactly on top of the line you used to sew in the trim.


This next step I’m pretty sure is the cheaters way of doing things but it was so quick! First lay your batting down then your backing fabric (the red and white dot print) facing up then place your front fabric on top facing down. I simply cut around it all using the outline of my house as a guide. Clip into place and sew around edges leaving a 4 inch opening at the bottom. (oh I also slipped in a length of twine at the tip of the roof for hanging and a piece of ribbon for a chimney). Turn right side out and top stitch around the whole thing.


I went with hand stitching around each scene, some with red some in cream. Made for a relaxing Saturday afternoon. And how cute are these three little piggies?  I can just hear them “No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!”.


I love this last one where they boil the wolf up! Clearly this is the classic version of the tale and not a modern sugar coated one. Too cute! Also don’t mind the wonky bits here and there in my work, these are the results of no walking foot for my machine and not being a perfectionist… Like at ALL. Its “Mommy made” and I don’t think the two year old is going to mind, he thinks the piggies are Winnie the Pooh!


Lastly I added two little extra scenes that wanted in on the fun. I used a glue stick to keep them in place and simply stitched around them. The little red x’s were an afterthought. I had tried to top stitch with my machine along the edge of the roof but that made a mess even I was not OK with. Hand stitching the top layer of ticking fabric got the look I was hoping for anyway.


OK, no making fun of my red walls! Once upon a time this was a beautiful red and white guest room that was pretty awesome. I still like the red but its hard to find things that work well in here with the baby stuff. So here is the final resting place of the three little piggies house, on the wall in my youngest room. He promptly asked for his Ikey Bear when I was done using it as a prop. (Bad angle on this picture, it’s not THAT wonky! haha!)

I hope this gave you some tips and ideas. I didn’t intend for this to be a tutorial as I really just whipped this together off the top of my head and am learning as I go. No professionals here 😉


5 Responses to “The Three Little Piggies Zakka House”

  1. Kristin Says:

    So cute and creative! I love it!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    This turned out so cute! And I’m right there with you on fussy cutting, it pains me to leave so much wasted fabric!

  3. Tammy Edwards Says:

    Great job on your Three Little Piggies Zakka House. I love it and the Three Little Pigs fabric is adorable. XO

  4. Jenni Says:

    This is super cute Faith! I love it!! Thank you for the tutorial!

  5. Lauren Nash Says:

    Oh man, my youngest son loves pigs, makes me think of him. It came out very cute!

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