Swivel Hook Tote

I am so excited to share today’s finish with you! About a month ago Zakka Workshop posted on Instagram looking for sample makers for their booth at Quilt Market. In a burst of excitement I responded and was surprised when they actually wanted me! I was sent some beautiful fabrics and pattern for the Swivel Hook Tote and I went straight to work on it.


It’s not perfect by any means but I am pretty proud of it! This is definitely the biggest sewing project I have done so far and at times it was pretty frustration and I wanted to quit. So glad I stuck with it and thankful for the support of Zakka Workshop as they helped me though.


This bag has a lot of details, from the patchwork and quilting to the binding and leather hook and straps, there was never a dull moment making this one! And that’s just how I like my sewing to be, exciting!


This bit of blue binding in the bottom was the result of my getting ahead of the final instructions but it ended up being so pretty! Lots of machine quilting on the body of the bag and tiny hand stitching along the sides. I like variety, can you tell? Never a dull moment.


Here is the bag with hook undone to open up nice and wide for all my junk. It’s a pretty large bag measuring roughly 11×18 with a six inch wide bottom, Perfect for travel or as an everyday go-to bag. I’ll be adding an inside pocket to the next one I make to give it even more space.


Tiny patchwork with Lecien fabrics and some others from my personal stash. I added the square to the front by applique and I think it gives a nice pop of color. The body of the bag is made using Lecien Yarn Dyed Cloth which has a great weave to it and soft feel. I used Aurifil thread for the machine and hand quilting, both in 28 weight. Love that hint of blue the quilting added!


I have plans to make a second Swivel Hook Bag when the book is released in June. Look for it from Zakka Workshop, titled Quilted Bags and Gifts by Akemi Shibata. And if you happen to be at Quilt Market this year stop on by the Zakka Workshop booth and check out my bag in person along with all the other beautiful bags made by some of my friends from Instagram. I can’t wait to see them all together!

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve got a couple more things in the works for the next few weeks along with a giveaway coming up so make sure to follow me here for much more fun!


4 Responses to “Swivel Hook Tote”

  1. Mandi Says:

    Very nice! I love the colors you chose:) How did you find sewing on the leather straps? Your sewing machine handled it ok or was it very frustrating?

    • saranaave Says:

      Hi Mandi, the straps had pre punched holes in them so I was able to hand sew them on with embroidery needle and thread. I hope that is helpful for you.

  2. Jenni Says:

    This bag is so GORGEOUS!!! You did a fabulous job with it Faith!!! I love everything about it!!! I want to make one for myself. Love, love, love it!!!

  3. elnorac Says:

    Wow! It was great to read the details about this fabulous bag! You did such a lovely job of it… Thanks for sharing about the process.

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