Aurifloss Quick Review


I have been getting some questions about the floss I have been using so here are my quick thoughts on Aurifil thread’s Aurifloss compared against various flosses found in my local craft stores.

These are floss spools of six strands each so you can cut your length and separate the strands into the thickness you like. With my local craft store brands I always have trouble separating my threads and end up with quite a mess. With Aurifloss my threads have been separating smoothly. I have next to no knotting and the few knots I have had I was able to undo pretty easily where as before I’ve had to actually cut out knots and start over with new floss. I haven’t had any fraying issues but I find it helps to use a shorter length when stitching, under 20 inches. I also like the hint of sheen they have.


Now I am sure most of you keep your floss neatly wound around cute little cards filed away in tidy boxes in rainbow order but for me that almost never happens. I have a few on cards but the rest are in zip-locks and stuffed in drawers. This here is just one of the tangled messes of embroidery floss and it’s one of the less tangled too. So for me, having them on cute little wooden spools is HUGE! Not only do they look nice but they STAY looking nice, the tail of the thread tucks in at the bottom of the spool!

For me the one draw back is the price, $4 vs maybe 40 cents. It’s also not something that can be grabbed at most local shops (but honestly I rarely make it to the craft stores anymore and ordering online is much more doable for me). So my plan for now is to have my go-to colors in Aurifloss for when I do embroidery they are tidy, ready and extra nice to use. I’m sure I will still grab a random floss at the store when I go but also how much am I really saving if I run to the store for a few cheap flosses and come away with a pile of fabric too? (Insert hysterical laughter imoji here: don’t even pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

So if your cheap embroidery floss has you tied up in knots,  give Aurifloss a try and let me know what you think of it!

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2 Responses to “Aurifloss Quick Review”

  1. trixi symonds Says:

    HAHA! Yes! Mine are also a tangled mess in zip lock bags.When I changed to Aurifil I decided the extra cost was worth it, in terms of wasted floss that got tangled and couldn’t be used and time spent untangling!!

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