Postcard Mini Quilt


With my NanaCompany Swap wrapping up and my partner having just received her package, I thought I would share more details and lots of pictures here. Seriously, LOTS of pictures! You’ve been warned!

The inspiration for this mini was a postcard pillow that Amy Sinibaldi had made for her daughter years ago. It just happened to be the first thing my swap partner Galia (#mycatchingcolorsdiary) had seen on the NanacCompany blog and first drew her to this style of making, a feeling I could totally relate to. So of course I just HAD to go with the postcard theme.


I drew up a rough sketch of my idea, lots of erasing and testing out ideas. Since there would be a lot of hand stitching and embroidery, Aurifil thread was kind enough to send me a variety of flosses and thread weights to work with. I was already a fan of theirs but working from start to finish on a project using only Aurifil was amazing and I really felt the difference.


I went with an Essex Linen which is rather thick and I find impossible to trace on so I decided to draw directly onto the fabric using my trusty water erasable fine tip marker by Clover. Any mistakes or changes were cleared up with a simple wet q-tip. I can’t be the only one who thinks q-tips are an essential part to a sewing kit, am I?


Keeping with the postcard theme, I decided to go with tiny one inch “postage stamp” patchwork. As you know, it’s all in the details and I couldn’t pass this tiny one up. Some hoarded Aneela Hoey fabric with the smallest envelope you’ve ever seen just had to be stitched on. And yes, ALL my most favorite bits of fabric went into this mini.


More tiny details brought to life with a bit of hand stitching. I also added bits of hand quilting to some of the more basic squares using a white 28 weight which I absolutely love for hand quilting.


So here she is! My version of the postcard pillow made up as a mini quilt, finishing at roughly 18×14 inches. Now for some close up detail shots:


The postage stamp, which I drew about three times to get just right. For this one I used a 12 weight Aurifil in Navy color 2745, it seemed the perfect inky shade of blue.


A mutual favorite print of ours is this “scrumptious” by Bonnie and Camille which I zig-zag stitched on and added a Zakka ribbon to. This corner may be my favorite part of the whole mini!


Tiny yellow tulip flower was a last addition with a bit of crochet trim as a boarder to make it stand out a bit more. Oh and that mint hand stitching is number 2835 of Aufifloss and has quickly become my favorite little spool.


My charming messy handwriting stitched over with two strands Aurifloss, it is pretty charming, right? And I believe it’s an unspoken rule that all postcards be finished off with “hugs and kisses” in the form of X’s and O’s.


More tiny details! The “washi” trim, the almost to pale to see pink hand stitching on Paperie boarder, more favorite bits of fabric and a Zakka tag held down by tiny cross stitch. Actually, the mint washi tape bits are my favorite part and now I want to quilt washi onto everything!


All the tiny bits of fabric from Bari J and Liberty of London to Sevenberry and Elea Lutz, even clearance Joann Fabrics- this mini has a it all! Now, I tend to pride myself on not being a fabric hoarder and cutting right into my favorite fabrics, but even I have my “out of print impossible to get more of” favorites and I’m not gunna lie- that adorable little pink Posy flower by Aneela Hoey was hard to fussy cut into… BUT, SO worth it now that I see it here bringing its charm hopefully putting a smile on someones face.


That sweet bear stamp was a gift from one of my first Instagram friends Lisa Ann. I think he will live very happily in Spain, even if it happens to rain, he has his tiny gingham umbrella.


And of course what swap package would be complete without some extras? A tag made using a NanaCompany tutorial, a ruffle zipper pouch and other items that were special requests and fun surprises.


So there you have it, my postcard mini. It’s not perfect by any means, but I knew it might be good because I wanted to keep it for myself! Always a good rule of thumb for swapping and gift giving in general, if you want to keep it and have a hard time parting with it then you are good to go! Of course second opinions are always a good idea too! Many thanks to my friend Jenni who puts up with my countless questions and “which one looks better” texts.

If you would like to see my original inspiration and the postcard pillow that Galia fell in love with click HERE, hopefully mine turned out half as sweet as Amy’s did.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have been inspired.



11 Responses to “Postcard Mini Quilt”

  1. Lori Kinzie Says:

    It is so fun to follow you. You really make the sweetest things. I love this mini! Nice work!

  2. Elizabeth Harmon Says:

    Seriously so perfect. Every stitch. I died when I saw the one Amy made. And now I died all over again.

  3. Wendy Says:

    I really like your postcard mini and would have a difficult time parting with it. So many fun details. Great job! Lucky is the recipient.

  4. Dori Smith Troutman Says:

    Hi Faith,

    This is so unbelievably perfect and gorgeous. You know that you’re going to be copied all over the place right? Starting with me! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. And thanks again for hosting the swap – it was such an incredible experience!

    Dori – @redfeedsack

  5. Kristin Says:

    You really hit the mark with this one! So sweet and so many adorable details! She is one lucky girl!

  6. Ali Says:

    This is truly a labour of love, and I enjoyed all your special touches Faith! It must have been very hard to part with. Thankyou for organising this amazing swap…has been so much fun x

  7. Jenni Says:

    Faith, this is such a beautiful mini quilt! All of the details are so perfect and completely adorable!! Your work is so amazing!!!❤️ Oh my goodness! I just want to thank YOU for all of your advice and answers to MY many questions…I don’t know what I’d do without you my friend.😘💕

  8. Teri Says:

    How do you get free thread from Aurifil thread. Are you a fabric designer? Do you work for them? Reading you posts it seem like maybe you do.

  9. Donna Says:

    I love love LOVE it! It really is just so beautiful Faith, the details are so perfect! I love getting to see more photos of the things you make on your blog, IG is like a snapshot and here it’s the whole story! 🙂 x

  10. The cutest mail you ever saw! | Farm House Quilts Says:

    […] How about this adorable little postcard quilt? I just love how the maker added “washi tape” and all that handstitching! Ofcourse I am in love with her little stamp! And would you look at those teeny scraps in the border?! You can see more details by following this link: […]

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