My Catching Colors Diary

Today my package for the NanaCompany Swap came all the way from Spain. There were SO many beautiful hand made items that I wanted to show them off in better detail here on my blog.

When I started pairing partners up for this swap I had forgotten that I needed a partner too. At the last minute a few friends were kind enough to join in the swap and this left me paired with Galia of @mycatchingcolorsdiary. Galia is clearly the superior maker between the two of us and she spoiled me rotten! Lets just say I am glad I have her address to send some thank you gifts her way!


First up there were THREE packs of cookies and treats from Spain (which are quickly dwindling down thanks to my little snack crew) that are delicious! Love trying foods from around the globe. This adorable snack mat/mug rug is the perfect patchwork and sweet Zakka combo.


Classic NanaCompany style needle book and strawberry pin cushion each with adorable details. (Shhh, don’t tell but she even sent along a second set of these as a gift for my mom!! Seriously, how sweet is that!).


The back of the needle book, I warned you there would be lots of pictures. Inspiration by the buckets full!


The sweetest zipper pouch with stamp stickers. We both sent stamp stickers to each other and these are just so pretty.


The back side of the pouch with the Anne of Green Gables label you may have seen on one of Galia’s sneak peak posts. Now I need to see that movie again!


These adorable Zakka goodies were sent separately and actually came last week ahead of the main package. I am always asked where I get my cute little trims and buttons, well now you know- most of them are sweet gifts and swaps from friends the world over. Just one of the things I love about this Instagram sewing community. Always inspiring me to share and give more.


Please squeal with me NOW! THE most adorable name plate ever!!! Made all the more perfect for me since someone has lovingly called me Bunny for the past 12 years! (You did NOT hear that from me though). I love that Galia took inspiration from so many classic NanaCompany ideas and the sweet tiny floral prints just put a smile on my face.


Look at those tiny, PERFECT stitches! This is actually the sweetest shade of pale pink but since it’s not showing up here very well, you will just have to stop on over to see it in person 😉 Also, I think this will be my new profile pic!


More sweet extras! Beautiful Tilda fabrics, cute tiny felt balls and more Zakka trims. We could stop here and this would have been more than a perfect swap package!


A beautiful mini for my wall with those tiny Galia hand stitches and sweet details. Perfect NanaCompany style, wouldn’t you agree? And you see that “hello friend” up there in the corner? Look familiar? I used that same greeting on my mini for her! Partners that were meant to be!


Gorgeous hand quilting!


Kindred Spirits.

Oh by the way I sent Galia a DM on Instagram when my box arrived and she happened to be on so we texted the whole time I was opening my gifts which was the cherry on top! Actually, these beautiful gifts have been the cherry on top of a friendship that has grown from this swap. OK, now I’m just getting sappy but that was my original hope for this NanaCompany swap a year ago… Friends meeting and making for each other in the sweet style we know and love. Cue the violins.


And lastly, (this box went on forever! It was the Mary Poppins box of goodies!) the adorable Candy Shop House to hold all my sewing tools and notions! She wrote me that it might be too “cutesy” for my sewing space but I think it’s the perfect amount that my rather boring space needs.


Isn’t this just the cutest?! I can already tell this is going to inspire many of us to make similar items.


All the tiny pockets! Perfect little Zakka house with details and trims galore! This will go perfect next to my work desk.


And with that, the box was empty and my heart (and table!) were full. If I wasn’t so shocked by the amount of gifts I would be in a puddle of tears! Galia spoiled me rotten and I feel “an embarrassment of riches” over here. On top of it all she sent a beautifully written card in both Spanish and English that spoke to my heart and filled me with joy… Again, cue the violins. But when you are a tired stay at home mom with not much time for getting out and socializing, it’s quite a blessing to find “kindred spirits” in crafting friends.

I hope you all feel inspired by Galia’s beautiful work! I have long been a fan of her posts on Instagram, each and every one is absolutely beautiful, as is the woman behind the posts. I know I am ready to sit down and make some sweet Zakka items with loads of hand stitching!


With a full heart and now full eyes, have a beautiful week.



3 Responses to “My Catching Colors Diary”

  1. Jenni Says:

    Oh Faith!!!! O.M.G! This is all so beautiful and absolutely amazing!!! I just love it all. I could look at those pictures for hours. And yes…definitely ideas for making in the future. I need to make that darling candy shop! All the details!!! I’m so glad you got spoiled. You always spoil everyone and you deserve this so much. It’s not easy being a mom to little ones….and you are a great one. It’s nice to have something like this to brighten your day! xoxo

  2. Rosemaryflower Says:

    Galia is an angel. What a lovely lovely gift.
    I am also shocked by every single beautiful handmade treasure.
    If I could meet Galia, I would give her a big hug, right?
    Faith, I think Galia knew how wonderful you are, and created all of these adorable items with your heart in mind.

  3. Donna Says:

    Such gorgeous gorgeous treats for a gorgeous lady! You totally deserve them Faith! x

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