Playdate Bag by Minki Kim

A while back my friend Minki Kim (aka: Zeriano) asked if I would like to make her Playdate Bag and of course I said yes. Though it seems to have taken me forever to actually get around to making this bag, the process was fun and I absolutely LOVE it. The real hold up (besides my mothering duties) was choosing which fabrics to go with. Once I nailed that part down the rest came together smoothly.


I went with my Milk Sugar and Flower fabric by Elea Lutz that was gifted to me by two sweet Instagram friends which to me, makes this bag all the more special.


Here’s the “B” side, or maybe this is side “A”? Not quite sure on that. If you know Minki, you know her incredible talent for sewing illustration which is basically drawing using your sewing machine! It’s pretty crazy! This bag has just a bit of that sewing illustration in the form of cursive lettering and mine turned out a little messy, much like my cursive handwriting does.


The original pattern calls for an adjustable strap which is really fun but I changed it up and added two handles made from my favorite leftover gingham bias tape and ribbon, sewn on with Aurifil thread in 40 weight.


I added the little side tabs in case I make a strap down the road it will easily attach and also they are pretty cute. It’s all in the details. Actually this cute ribbon was a gift from another sweet friend which seems fitting since this bag will be headed off as a little gift for one of my friends. Have I mentioned how much I love the sewing community?


As the patchwork pieces were coming together I thought they were a bit wild and crazy and needed to be blended with more low volume fabrics. That may well be the case but I decided to leave it and let this side of the bag be a bold floral statement while the rest of the bag has a more fresh, clean look to it. Hopefully this balance came across in my finished product.


Here is the inside of the bag with adorable binding on the seams to finish things off. This pattern is very well written with loads of step by step pictures. I had absolutely no problems making this bag which doesn’t happen all that often for me (seriously, I have trouble following patterns and instructions in general!).


So there you have it! My Playdate Bag with a tiny strawberry button to finish it off. Makes me “totally happy”! Finished size is 8×11.

Check out #playdatebag for more ideas on making your own Playdate Bag and find the pattern HERE. As always, feel free to ask if you have any questions.


5 Responses to “Playdate Bag by Minki Kim”

  1. Jenni Jones Says:

    Faith you did a beautiful job with this bag! Inside and out…A and B sides…just darling!!! I love your choice of fabric…perfect! I really want to stop all projects and make one of these cute bags! Thanks for sharing all the details!!

  2. Rosemaryflower Says:

    This bag is adorable. I absolutely love it.
    I love the handles, and the bit of embroidery, and the inside, and the look on the side too. all over cute!

  3. Elea Says:

    Faith!! So adorable … wow!! Beautiful work! All the sweet details down to the strawberry button and illustrated sewing on the other side. It’s all so lovely! Minki’s pattern is sweet perfection, too. Can’t wait to give this one a try! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration! xx

  4. Vivian Says:

    Such a cute bag and your modifications make it even more versatile!

  5. Sew Illustrated Blog Tour and Giveaway | Sarana Ave Says:

    […] the pleasure of trying some of Minki’s patterns earlier this year which you can see HERE and HERE. I have been looking forward to the release of this book all year and to be a part of the blog tour […]

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