An Afternoon With Aurifil


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to an Aurifil thread lecture with my friends Mollie and Becca. Now, I don’t get out of the house all too often and it’s even more rare that I get to go to something as fun as this. SO if I look a little over excited, you know why. Here we are with the CBDO of Aurifil, Alex Veronelli.

The first part of the lecture was a video of each step of the thread making process that takes place in Italy at the Aurifil factory. I enjoy documentaries so this was a lot of fun for me. As Alex explained the different steps you could just hear the passion he has for his product. The fine attention to detail in the making process only confirmed my belief that this thread is definitely a cut above the rest. Really the attention to detail and extra steps in the process is incredible.

I have been using Aurifil threads and floss for only a couple months now and have become a rather big fan of theirs. The floss on spool concept is just plain brilliant! And I also love the different weights for both hand stitching and a bold statement when machine quilting. I’ll be honest I did’t notice a difference when I started using the 50 weight thread in my every day sewing on the machine. HOWEVER I noticed a big difference when I switched back to my regular thread after working with the Aurifi. I guess I was getting spoiled by the smoothness and high quality of without even realizing it!

I have found that Aurifil can be found at most local quilt shops (at least in my area) in the 50 wt and sometimes 40wt. My favorite weight to work with though is 12 and 28 and I love the selection that Hawthorne Threads offers. Also quick shipping and the way they have the spool colors set up don’t hurt either.


Becca, Mollie and I were like the paparazzi in the very front row with the more traditional quilters filling up the rest of the room. The last half of the lecture was more like a show and tell of threads and products that were made using them. A lot of beautiful quilting that I was too busy admiring to take pictures of. Here is Alex with a color card (which I really want, by the way!) showing all the gorgeous colors making it easy to order exactly the right shade to match your fabrics.


Here is just a small example of the items that were passed around. I took a picture to use as inspiration for using the six strand floss.


And what event would be complete without goodies to take home? This set has all six weights and types offered in one color. The red spool on the left is the 12wt, next is the orange spool of 50wt, green 40wt, gray 28wt, wooden spool for floss and lastly a wool thread. I had planned to show all the different weights in one project but instead used just the floss.


So here is my own little example of the variety the floss offers in one spool. I used a template from the book A Spoonful of Sugar (which just happens to be in the middle of a great sew along on Instagram) and printed it at half the size. The top row is stitched in Sashiko style but only uses one strand of floss. The second row has two strands of floss and so on down to the last row which uses all six strands of floss. Also, bonus points for no tangling or knotting during the separating process and all through stitching!


Close up of the stitching. This is a little mug rug measuring 6×9 inches and will make a nice little gift for a friend and was also a relaxing and fun way to spend some down time this weekend. I have a couple other colors I want to try this same idea with. Top stitching was done with 50wt in white and hand quilting on the patchwork used 28wt also in white.

SO all in all my afternoon with Aurifil was a lot of fun. Becca and Mollie have both written up about our time out and the threads too (see, we really were the paparazzi!).

This post is in no way sponsored by anyone, (haha, I only wish I was sponsored!) these are my own thoughts and opinions. If you have yet to try Aurifil, I would recommend trying it! If you hate it, you’ve only wasted $5, but if you like it you may LOVE it and be glad you took a chance.



One Response to “An Afternoon With Aurifil”

  1. Jenni Jones Says:

    I enjoyed your post Faith! Thank you for sharing your experience!! I definitely want to try all six strands like that. Your mug rug turned out beautiful!!! I also love Hawthorne Threads not only for their fabric, but their aurifil threads. It’s so easy to choose the different colors and weights with the way they have it set up.

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