High Tea Party and Reversible Skirt Apron Tutorial

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Hi and welcome to my stop on the High Tea Party Blog Tour! My name is Faith Essenburg, I am a newish maker/blogger/Etsy shop owner and mostly just a home maker for a house full of boys! Most days you can find me on Instagram which is where Jera of Quilting in the Rain found me and asked me to be a part of this tour showcasing her first fabric line; High Tea! Jera is just the sweetest and I knew right away what I wanted to make with her beautiful fabrics.


First up is my Reversible Skirt Apron! It’s a super quick and easy make that takes all of an afternoon to whip up (including multiple interruptions from kids!). For this project I chose three different half yard cuts. I kind of fell in love with the pale blue colorway in this line, it’s just the perfect crisp yet soft shade and really lets those strawberries and roses pop.


Here are some simple steps to making your own Reversible Skirt Apron:

Starting off with the pockets, cut two 5×5 inch squares, fold all edges under 1/4 inch, finger press and clip to hold in place. Add a length of crochet trim along the top edge, folding edges under and sewing into place, set aside. Make two pockets, one for each side.

Trim your two main fabrics for front and back to 34 x 18 inches. Pin your pockets into place roughly 8 inches from one side and 8 inches from the top edge. Sew into place, use a back stitch at the top of each pocket to lock your stitches in.


Next align your two fabrics with right sides facing using clips to hold in place. If you like, add crochet trim along the bottom edge as shown below with the fancy edge facing in and the boring edge aligned with raw fabric edges. My trim is pretty narrow so I have spaced it about an 1/8 inch from the edge so more trim will show on the outside.


Sew along both sides and bottom using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out and iron.

Set your machine to the longest length stitch and baste along top edge of apron leaving thread tails at each end.


Taking one of the thread strands (either top or bottom one) pull carefully making even gathers in the fabric as you go until your top edge measures roughly 20 inches across. Clip both ends to hold stitches in place and set aside. Note, you can also hold the fabric up to your waist at this point to check for sizing.

Now to make the sash! Cut two strips of fabric 4 1/2 by width of fabric, with right sides together, mark a line and sew on an angle as shown below:


Trim your excess fabric and press seam open. Using your iron, turn both long edges under 1/4 inch. Fold in half length ways and press, turning both short edges under. you should now have a long sash with all sides folded under like this:


The last step is just a bit tricky and requires my least favorite sewing item: PINS (insert horror face emoji here!). Fold your sashing in half to find the center. Once you find the center match it with the apron center and pin so the sash covers over the front and back top edge of the apron by at least 1/4 inch.


Continue pinning along making sure the sash covers the basting stitches on both the front and back. Starting at one end of the sash, sew using a 1/8 seam going slowly making sure your stitches are catching the back side of the sashing as well. Sew all the way to the other end of sashing and you now have an apron!


You can add a cute patch, embroidery stitching or buttons to give your apron the sweet little details we all love.

IMG_0252 (1)

I love a big bow on the back of my apron and I like that this reversible apron has a little thickness that will help it hold up over time. Don’t be afraid to actually USE a apron this pretty either! Use and enjoy it!


And what cute apron is complete without a matching oven mitt?  I used the same trims and fabrics to make a pretty little pair. Gift set anyone?


These prints are just adorable! There are six color ways in High Tea and this mitt features just a few prints from four of them. There is also a sweet yellow and a pale tan color that all play nicely together. Lecien Fabrics sure picked a winner with Jera!


That tiny teapot and cup are just the sweetest! Patchwork is 1 1/2 inch squares and these prints are perfect for fussy cutting! I imagine we will be seeing them popping up all over in patchwork projects. Also how pretty are those roses and “lace” prints?


Be sue to check out all the other stops for High Tea Party for loads of ideas and inspiration.



I will be working on a tutorial for this oven mitt in the coming weeks, so get started on your Reversible Skirt Apron and stay tuned for an easy oven mitt tutorial, before you know it you will have a nice set for yourself or a gift for a friend!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to ask any questions. I’ll see you again soon!











6 Responses to “High Tea Party and Reversible Skirt Apron Tutorial”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Love your makes Faith! Those patchwork oven gloves are way too sweet to use.

  2. Nina Cotonet Says:

    So pretty, Faith! These prints are gorgeous and I can see myself hosting a tea-party wearing that apron! : )

  3. Rosemaryflower Says:

    These are beautiful projects! Lovely fabric I agree

  4. Anorina Morris Says:

    Such beautiful projects Faith. Love, love, love them all xx

  5. Kristin Says:

    So cute! I love to wear an apron in the kitchen!

  6. pleated silk top Says:

    for beginners

    High Tea Party and Reversible Skirt Apron Tutorial | Sarana Ave

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