Sew Illustrated Blog Tour and Giveaway

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Hi friends! I am back with another blog tour and this one is very near and dear to my heart. Minki Kim was one of the first people to follow me when I started on Instagram last year; not only follow, but comment and encourage me as a very new maker. I remember the first time I saw her sewing illustrations I could not believe they were done by machine. To me they looked like ink drawings with very tiny, precise hand stitching over them. It boggled my mind to think that these beautiful works of art were done on a home sewing machine. I had the pleasure of trying some of Minki’s patterns earlier this year which you can see HERE and HERE. I have been looking forward to the release of this book all year and to be a part of the blog tour (not to mention along with ALL the super star makers!) is such an honor for me. Ok, enough babbling; lets get to the good stuff!


This beautiful Vignette pattern caught my eye right away, but in more of a “I’ll try that one some day” kind of way. Then after giving it some time and thought, I decided to just go for it. After all, the instructions and writing in this book are amazing! I am convinced Minki and Kristin (Minki’s partner in writing and equal in sweetness) could teach anyone to sew illustrations like a pro.


I pulled my stack (tower?) of Liberty fabrics and used my newest favorites form DuckaDilly Fabrics. It was so fun holding up the templates I had printed onto my Pellon Stick-N-Washaway and choosing just the right colors for each tiny piece. Even my boys got in on the fun of color selections and placements. If you ever enjoyed tracing, drawing, cutting out paper dolls or any other craft as a child, the art of sewing illustration will bring you back to those days. I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.


I’ll admit, I did not read ALL of Sew Illustrated, YET. I read just enough for making my pattern and I am saving the rest to read over our Labor Day weekend. This is a very well written book and has a wealth of information, step by step pictures, tips, tricks and ideas for multiple ways to try your own illustrations.


I wanted to make this beautiful design with my own spin on it and what better way than to add my signature Heartstrings! This is pretty much what my work desk looks like most of the time, Liberty mug with coffee, fabrics and threads all over with Liberty Hearts strewn about. Ok, so my actual sewing machine is boring white and I currently have seven stacks of sewing goodness instead of two. So let’s just say this is my sewing desk in an alternate, Liberty of London filled universe!

IMG_0775I used Aurifil 50 weight thread in a deep Navy shade #2745 which I think gives the “picture” an inky look to it. For a bigger piece like this, I started with the larger sections to sew it down, then moved on to the smaller bits. Taking it one small section at a time can take the “overwhelming”feeling you may have out of it.


I love, love, love this tiny “wire basket”! Note to self: buy wire basket to keep Liberty fabrics in… Also, MUST make  Capel pin cushion!


As you can see, stitches are not perfect. But they also don’t need to be. This is a super close up picture, the scissors is only about 4 inches and from where I’m sitting looking at it on my wall, it looks pretty perfect. So don’t stress the little imperfections, or mistakes; no one will ever know.


For the miniature Heartstrings I used 12 weight thread to give the “string” a bold look. Minki and Kristin have a section all about stitch length for sewing. I find I work best at a 1.o and 1.5 that way my mistakes are so tiny you can hardly see them anyway!


I turned my Vignette into a mini wall hanging with raw edge Liberty binding, keeping with the whole raw edge theme and saving on precious fabric which for me is a win win!

I also had the thought that any of the pieces from Minki’s designs could be framed in a hoop for a bit of wall art. But…


Perhaps I should have stuck to the patterns a bit more because now I have this girl head button smiling at me from in a “jar”! (Insert horror emoji here and read the whole story of the “girl in the jar” HERE).


So here we have it in my sewing space just above my rather messy desk. See the jam jar pin cushion hanging up there? That is a special giveaway I won last year and it is made by Minki herself!. And yes, the little doll head in the jar is there as well, what can I say; it gives me a good chuckle every time I see it.


I have a whole pile of ideas floating around in my head of sewing illustrations to be made! This book is just full of inspiration and I am happy to say that C T Publishing has offered to give a copy to one of you! Just leave a comment on this post and I will chose a winner on August 31st.

Thank you all for stopping by! Feel free to snoop around and follow along for more fun.


Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Mary S. 


119 Responses to “Sew Illustrated Blog Tour and Giveaway”

  1. Ariane Says:

    Your little quilt is amazing. I would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Laurie Gelo Says:

    I love your vignette. It is so perfect for a sewing area. And I appreciate the encouragement you gave by reminding us the stitches don’t need to be perfect.

  3. Jen Says:

    This may very well be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!! So so adorable!! All the fabrics… and the Liberty… those teeny heartstrings… perfection! Well done!

  4. Amanda Kalf Says:

    Love your take on this, and that you added the heartstrings:)

  5. Casey Says:

    Super adorable! !

  6. Susan Says:

    I love how you took her designs and made them your own. Very sweet and very well done. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  7. Kathleen Says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win this great book.

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  9. Sandee Says:

    Faith this is so awesome. I love all the detail of your sewing mat, and using Liberty fabrics makes it so very pretty💞💞

  10. Teresa@aureaskitchen Says:

    It seems so easy!!!

  11. Milla Says:

    Your wall hanging is beautiful!! I love how you added your heartstrings!! Such a pretty touch!!💗💗💗

  12. Vickie Z. Says:

    Beautiful work & great post! Thank you for giving me the confidence to try this. I love it!

  13. Allison in Alabama Says:

    Love your mini! It is gorgeous!!!

  14. Sarah Says:

    This looks beautiful, well done. I really want to give it a go, I’m still plucking up the courage!

  15. Hannah W Says:

    love your projects and your sewing bravery!

  16. Indianna Says:

    I love the way you have rearranged the picture and added your own hearts…. As for the head in a jar :o)

  17. Linda C. Says:

    I love your work! The Liberty sewing machine is my favorite! I am a newbie at blogging too, I hope you will follow me! Also would love the book!!!!

  18. Debbie V. Says:

    Beautiful work!!! You make it sound so easy. I have to give this a try!

  19. Tina Short Says:

    I love this wall hanging

  20. Mary Jane Says:

    You did a beautiful job, I love your Liberty sewing machine!

  21. VeronicaMade Says:

    Wow! I have been a fan of Minki’s for a while. I love her work. I love your sewing machine, too. The heart strings are a cute touch.

  22. Tac Says:

    Love this little quilt and the vignette! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Rachel Hamm Says:

    Such a cute picture! And I love the personal touches you added!

  24. agnes Says:

    Your added touch with the heartstrings is adorable!

  25. Lori Morton Says:

    Love Love Looove all you made!! What an AWESOME Sewing Machine etc etc picture for your Wall! The Jar is cool…even with the head…giggle…

    Thank you for chance to win this Book!! 🙂

  26. Jean Says:

    Very creative and would love to have a copy of this book!

  27. Dia Says:

    Great job! love your extra touches

  28. amylou1974 Says:

    I love seeing all of your beautiful creations! I’m a beginner, but love sewing so much already!

  29. Barbara Thompson Says:

    I love the Liberty fabric with the sewing machine! I would love to win this book!!

  30. Kathleen Says:

    I love your Liberty sewing machine mini!!! Thank you for the chance to win.

  31. LJ Says:

    The details especially in your sewing machine are wonderful – love the dark inky blue thread that you chose. Using such a small stitch length is a great tip.

  32. Abi Buening (@1apple_blossom) Says:

    Nice projects thanks for sharing
    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  33. goonyburd Says:

    I love your project!

  34. Pattie C. Says:

    The Liberty fabric is perfect for these projects. Super cute minis.

  35. adaisygarden Says:

    Everything looks so pretty! My favorite part was the sewing machine😊

  36. Mara Says:

    I can’t wait to get this book, so many cute patterns inside.

  37. Beth Says:

    Very cute project- I love how you incorporated your hearts on the string into the illustration.

  38. Ailing Says:

    Wow I just discovered how the sewing machine can sew illustrations and I am so excited!!! This is a to-do by the end of this year!

  39. Kristy Says:

    Great job, on the illustration! I can’t wait to try this too. Very inspiring!

  40. Dee Says:

    I can’t wait to get a copy of this book and experiment with the technique!

  41. Kathy E. Says:

    Oh my! Your selection of Liberty fabrics was just perfect for these appliques! I so admire the free-motion stitching around each piece. There really isn’t a “perfect” stitching to expect and I like that!

  42. Elise Says:

    Oh my gosh, that sewing machine and your heart string – perfection!! I love all of it of course, but those two just made me want to make a sewing illustration like right now!! Beautifully made Faith!!

  43. Laura P in NH Says:

    I love what you made for your sewing room- I love sewing themed projects near my sewing machine.

  44. Katy M Says:

    I love how you added the heartstrings!

  45. Hueisei Says:

    Very cute project especially the girl button on the jar..

  46. minibea12 Says:

    Your projects are so sweet. I love the miniature Heartstrings.

  47. Pam Says:

    Wow this is such a adorable piece of fun! I would love to win! Thank You!

  48. Chris Says:

    Great job, so much fun in one book.

  49. Angela Says:

    This is the book I need to work my way through my linen stash! It is on my list!

  50. Christine Says:

    I would love to ‘draw’ that well with my sewing machine!

  51. Monica R Says:

    I love the mini wall hanging. That would be perfect in anyone’s sewing room.

  52. Tammy Bowser Says:

    Such a cute wall Hanging! Would love this book!

  53. Anne Says:

    Beautiful work. I would love to have this sweet book.

  54. Rosemaryflower Says:

    I would LOVE to win a copy of this book. I think all of these creations are adorable and would make such wonderful gifts for friends and all that we love

  55. Mary Ann Says:

    This is so very fun!! I have admired these illustrations for ages! Thanks for opportunity to win!

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  57. Margaret Ballinger Says:

    Thanks for a chance to win this darling book. You make it look easy to do. !😍

  58. Laura Ercoli Says:

    Your wall hanging with the heart string is beautiful! 💕💕💕 I would love to win this book, so many lovely projects….

  59. Cindy Says:

    Wow. I’d love to win this book! I have read so much about and enjoyed the photos so much.

  60. Janice Svercek Says:

    I would start with the same mini you made. I love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  61. Sharon Buford Says:

    I have a “THING” for all things sewing – I have a collection of patterns for sewing room items. This book would be a wonderful addition and maybe even a kick start to finally start decorating my little space!

  62. danitolin Says:

    Gorgeous work! I can’t wait to get started on these projects.

  63. kirsten Says:

    Beautiful designs and love how you have used the Liberty prints!

  64. In The Boon Docks Says:

    I love these designs and would love to try it

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  66. patty Says:

    What cute projects!

  67. Tamie Says:

    Love that you just went for it and did the bigger project. Sometimes it is the right thing to do,

  68. Jenna Says:

    Faith, as always, your attention to detail and combos of lovely florals is perfect! The addition of your heartstring shows just how versatile the book can be.

  69. Hazel Says:

    I love this, been looking a while for a book such as this. Would love to win
    Fingers crossed !

  70. Michele Says:

    I love all the sweet projects in this book!!

  71. Dia Says:

    So many great projects!

  72. Jami Harwood Says:

    Looks like a really FUN book! I would love to win it!! 🙂

  73. Skye B Says:

    Oh wow….I already have ideas bubbling over from just this blog post

  74. Says:

    I need that mini quilt in my sewing room. Great job!

  75. janequiltsslowly Says:

    Wow your sewing mini is adorable. I’d love to give this a try!

  76. Becky T Says:

    Love the use of fabric and thread in this book of projects. gives me ideas to do some of my own with traditional embroidery patterns. Just what I need more ideas

  77. Donna Joy Says:

    Love this book, the black outlining just gives life to all the fabrics, thanks for giveaway.

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  80. Carla Hundley Says:

    Love your wall
    hangings! So
    cute and fun,
    especially the
    jar girl!
    Carla from Utah

  81. Sarah J. Says:

    Too cute! The girl in the jar made me laugh- apparently my sense of humor is a bit “off”! Beautiful job!

  82. Christine Says:

    I think I might just ‘need’ this book!

  83. Claudia M Says:

    So cute! I can’t wait to get this book.

  84. Jill Jackson Says:

    Love this! Want!

  85. Shirley Thomas Says:

    Wow, I love the way you have personalised yours. What beautiful work – I would love the chance to win the book and give some of the ideas a go!! 😊

  86. Dana Says:

    I love how you personalized yours! I follow you on IG and I recognized your heart garland right away! Thanks for the chance to win a book, I would love to try these techniques!

  87. blog tour stop 16:: ellis & higgs – they grow up too fast Says:

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  88. Martina Says:

    So lovely! And the hoop is just so cute!

  89. Elaine Schoof Says:

    Love this book and love, love your work. Absolutely gorgeous.

  90. Rebecca K. Says:

    I love how you personalized your mini by adding the heartstrings so much! It turned out so beautifully! Thanks so much for the chance to win this book – I would love it!

  91. Linda C Says:

    Would so love to win!!! Just love the ones you did!!!

  92. Shirley Says:

    Beautiful work Faith! Your projects are my favorite on this blog tour.

  93. justsew63 Says:

    Love the designs in this book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Mary Sarnese Says:

    I love your work and love the book. It`s been in my Amazon cart waiting for a while now. Thank you so much for sharing your work, your thoughts, and a chance to win this inspirational, eye candy, book.

  95. Fireside Quilter Says:

    Very sweet wall hangings!!! Love how you personalized them!! I must get my hands on this book, the projects are awesome!!

  96. Laura L. Says:

    Your work is beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win the book. It’s inspirational.

  97. Jen Beatty Says:

    I love the projects you made!

  98. Silvana Pereira Coutinho ( a.k.a silort) Says:

    Awww! You are soooo sweet making this awesome giveaway, Faith!! I loooove all your work!!!💖💖💖💖💖

  99. Julie mitchell Says:

    I saw the bear pillow and fell in love with it. I would love to win!

  100. Mandy G Says:

    Sew inspirational ! Would love to win a copy x

  101. Cheri Says:

    It’s so beautiful!! Would love to win the book👍🏻.

  102. Brenda Says:

    Your work is so inspiring for new beginners, like me! Keep up the great work!

  103. Noemi Says:

    Lovely projects from this cute book. Will love to win a copy!

  104. Dana hernandez Says:

    I just love all of the projects that you’ve all shared, and yours is especially wonderful! Thanks for a chance to win a book! God bless you all ❤️ Dana at danasbusstop 😘

  105. Deniz Ganowsky Says:

    Love, love, love this little quilt – so cute!

  106. Lynne Longren Says:

    I absolutely love your work and I am anxious to try this technique!
    You create beautiful works of art.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and can’t wait to buy the book
    Take care and keep creating!😉💜

  107. raincitysews Says:

    Good job Faith! Wish I could win this book!

  108. Becky Corbett Says:

    Would love to take this on my trip😊!


  109. boboli2405 Says:

    Lovely work Faith. Great giveaway. I never tried this. Bea.

  110. Lori Says:

    So inspiring! Your work is beautiful. I want to try this, too!! Thank you for sharing.

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  112. marianagalvagno Says:

    Such a sweet book! Thanks for the chance!!!!

  113. beadgirl Says:

    Is it too late to enter the contest? I love what you did, and the way they all work together.

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  119. :: Un montón de pincushions | Nina Cotonet Says:

    […] Si estás en Instagram, seguro que conoces a Minki Kim  y su talento para las ilustraciones con hilo. Minki (@zeriano en Instagram) plasma en arte textil los momentos cotidianos del día a día con su familia y crea detalladas composiciones usando como motivos los utensilios de cocina o de costura que la rodean . Sus escenas son tan acogedoras y hogareñas que la mayoría de veces me dan ganas de ponerme una taza de café y comprarme una planta para casa.  Si quieres echar un vistazo a sus creaciones, puedes saltar a su blog desde aquí: Minki’s Work Table . Hace una fotos preciosas! Y tiene vídeos en YouTube explicando cómo realiza sus dibujos textiles.Pero es que además, para suerte de todas las enamoradas de su arte, hace unos meses se publicó el libro Sew Illustrated, que ha escrito junto con su amiga y vecina Kristin Esser, en el que explican la técnica de la ilustración textil paso a paso, con estupendas fotografías, descripción de materiales, consejos, y con un montón de proyectos preciosos para ponerse manos a la obra. El libro es realmente bonito…Si os queréis hacer una idea de los proyectos del libro, visitad este post de Sarana Ave Sew Illustrated Blog Tour . […]

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