Antique Flower in Pastel and QAYG

Hi there friends! I feel like summer is officially wrapping up and before we head into Fall I want to share one, no actually two last summer makes with you. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some sneak peeks of the beautiful fabric bundle that Lecien Fabrics sent me called Antique Flower In Pastel. I’ve been trying all summer to do this gorgeous fabric justice in pictures, not an easy task and I’m afraid this is one of those lines that you have to see in person to believe how pretty it is. With pastel blue, pink, green and yellow and pops of bright reds and greens; it really is such a beautiful collection.


After being thoroughly inspired  by reading Jera Brandvig’s book Quilt As You Go Made Modern I decided to try a little QAYG designing myself. Simple as it may be, it was so much fun (and a little terrifying)  working on a project all my own. Now, I am sure I have seen a similar block layout somewhere but I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere and so I drafted my own and tested it out until I got the dimensions just right.


It’s a simple repeat of 6 inch blocks quilted one at a time. The center square is cut to 4 3/4 inch and set on its point with the four corner pieces made up of 4 inch half square triangles. If you have yet to try the QAYG method, I highly recommend giving it a go. Consider it the “coloring outside the lines” version of traditional quilting. Each block is unique, adding to the beauty of the overall finished “picture” of the quilt. I guess I took Jera’s words to heart when she said in her book “You are the artist and the batting is your canvas”. Pure inspiration right there!


I love the look of the quilting and it’s imperfectly perfect simplicity. This baby quilt finished up at 36 inches square, backed with a pale green flannel for extra snuggle factor. I was thrilled to see that Lecien had it on display at a show this past weekend. So special and such an honor! After I sent this quilt off, I just wanted to keep working with this fabric line so I decided to make another quilt, this time using a pattern from Jera’s book.


Since I had used up all of the white floral colorway in the first quilt, I added pops of bright green and pink from Lecien’s 1000 Colors fabric line. (By the way, I will be needing BOLTS of the white floral prints!!!). I wasn’t too sure about the random color placement about half way through the blocks but was encouraged by a couple of quilty friends to keep with it. I am glad I took their advice and didn’t scrap the whole project (come on, I know you’ve been there too!).


I love how Jera has simple quilt blocks in her book with instructions and then multiple options for the layout. Seriously, so much inspiration to make her quilts, a variation or one all of your own. On this quilt I simply added another row to one side to complete the “X” pattern. After all, who doesn’t like a bigger quilt? Oh and her binding method is brilliant and has saved me the stress that used to come with closing off my binding. Seriously, BRILLIANT!


Simple straight line quilting added a bit of a modern touch to go with the bold colors in this quilt. Oh and yes, it’s wrinkly ALREADY because in the day I waited for the sun to come out and play for pictures, my boys got to it.Oh well, such is the life of a quilt.


Sometimes I struggle with letting a quilt be random and wanting some sort of pattern. So this time I decided to let go of that part of me that grips so tightly to quilt “order” and let the pieces fall where they may. With the exception of the white pattern, of course. In the end I actually gave my two littlest boys the job of laying out the blocks and making the “X’s” appear, fun for them and gave me enough time to finish up two last blocks.


My biggest quilt helper wasn’t quite big enough to show off the whole thing, but I’ll count this photo “fail” as a photo WIN with that cute smile! Also, I wasn’t too sure about the solid green binding (boring?) but I think it really kind of pulls the whole quilt together and once again I’ve backed it with pale green flannel.


And with that, I have used up most of my Antique Flower in Pastel bundle (otherwise I would just keep making more!). This was the summer of Quilt As You Go for me, three quilts in total, one of which will be in Jera’s second book!! (where’s the dancing lady emoji when you need her?!). I may be a little late to the QAYG party but I think I have more than made up for it, and really it’s NEVER to late to join the fun!

Antique Flower In Pastel will be in stores this fall and you can find Jera’s book Quilt As You Go Made Modern now.

Thanks for stopping by, next time I’ll be back with something cozy/Fall-ish so make sure to follow along here and on Instagram.


4 Responses to “Antique Flower in Pastel and QAYG”

  1. Dori Smith Troutman Says:

    Oh Faith. For some reason this blog post just brought tears to my eyes. Not sure why. Maybe because I love that your quilt got to go with Lecian to the quilt show, or because you will have a quilt in Jera’s new book, or maybe just because I love how much you love sewing and quilting. For whatever reason, this post meant a lot to me. I love it. Thank you for writing and sharing.

    I purchased Jera’s book this week and I have it packed in my suitcase for a little trip get-away we’re going on this week. I can’t wait to read it from cover to cover! And then come home and start and new project! 🙂

    Hugs to you friend,

    – Dori @redfeedsack –

  2. quiltingintherainJera Brandvig Says:

    What a wonderful post, Faith! I am just thrilled beyond words that you’ve been enjoying the book, and SO impressed how creative you’ve gotten with it. That is what I hoped for when I wrote the book…that people can let their inner quilty artist out 😉 And you’re doing just that plus more. Beautiful kid (and quilt model!), and great post – thank you for sharing!!

  3. Rosemaryflower Says:

    ^^ I agree with Dori.
    This was wonderful to read. Faith, this quilt turned out beautiful.
    I adore the photos you made. Now I want to try this.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with gorgeous fabrics. You are always inspiring
    Jeri is such a great artist and so enthusiastic sharing her skills

  4. Long Overdue Makes | Sarana Ave Says:

    […] This block is one I used over the summer for a QAYG quilt I made for Lecien which can be found here. It was a lot of fun doing a small “quilt as you go” pillow and I just love how it […]

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