Easy Lace Edge Tutorial


Hi friends! I have a quick little tutorial I want to share with you for adding a lace trim edge to your quilting. It’s so simple, but I had trouble figuring out which way to fold mine to get nice corners so I figured maybe someone else would appreciate pictures too.


Today I’ve made a simple nine patch mug rug, I have my binding and trim all ready and clips holding it in place for starting. My favorite binding method is from Jera Brandvig of Quilting in the Rain which can be found in her book Quilt As You Go Made Modern. Her method takes all the math work out of closing up your binding strip and has turned the dreaded last step of the process into a breeze. I machine sew all my binding mostly because I am just too lazy to hand bind but I also feel that my binding will hold up better over time having been machine stitched (After all, its gotta hold up under the wear and tear of my three boys!).


Sew your lace and binding on at the same time, stopping when you get a few inches from the corner. With your quilt still in place under the sewing needle, move the binding to the side so you have room to make a neat corner with the lace. Leaving a little slack in your lace, lay flat along the bottom edge and push out to the corner.


Finger press your corner and play with it until you have a neat angled corner. Use a clip to hold into place while you sew your binding to the corner as you would normally. Repeat with all four corners and close off your binding.


Once you have attached the lace and binding, fold the binding to the back side and clip into place. I stitch in the ditch on the front side of my quilts just along the edge of the binding, making sure to catch the back of the binding as I go. If you miss a spot, just go over it again when you are done and it wont be noticeable.


As you can see, I’ve trimmed the lace so it overlaps a little. You could whip stitch the two ends together to give it extra hold as well. You can also see a closeup of my closed off binding. I know some people prefer a seamless look but for me it was so stressful doing the math and trying to get any uneven bumps out that I’ll take this little overlap pocket look and save myself the stress. For me, quilting is about enjoying the process and pouring love into something that will be a treasured gift.


Sweet little mug rug ready for a hot cup of tea. Fabrics and lace are La Conner by Jera Brandvig for Lecien Fabrics. I added simple hand quilting using Brillo from Aurifil which has a golden shimmer to it and goes nicely with the bits of metallic in these fabrics. This is a line you need to see in person to get the full beauty of those sparkles. (Insert heart eyes emoji here).

I hope this little tutorial was helpful, feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


11 Responses to “Easy Lace Edge Tutorial”

  1. Dori Troutman Says:

    Great tutorial Faith! I’ve done this with rick-rack but never lace! I love the lace. And that gorgeous lace in Jera’s new line…. so divine! I really can’t wait to sew with it!

    How does your machine finished binding look on the back? I never, ever am happy with mine. I just can’t seem to get it consistent. Plus I love the look of hand sewn binding so I just always fall back to that. But for projects like a Mug Rug and Pot Holders… a sewn on binding would really be ideal. Maybe I just need to keep practicing!


    Dori @redfeedsack

    • saranaave Says:

      I try to have more fabric pulled over to the back and held tight with clips. I also start with a 2 1/2 inch binding strip so there’s plenty to go around. Going slowly also helps😉

  2. sewmuchmoore Says:

    Loved this post! What a great idea to add a bit of lace. Perfect! 🙌🏻

    Nicole Moore http://www.sewmuchmoore.com/


  3. adaisygarden Says:

    It looks lovely!

  4. Ezgi Says:

    Thank you very much. I like this post.

  5. La Conner Blog Tour | Sarana Ave Says:

    […] Here you can see the bits of gold on the strawberry print and I added some Lecien lace trim to the binding and made a little tutorial for adding it which you can find HERE. […]

  6. Ms Marion Harvey Says:

    This looks pretty. I’d like to make a protective “doiley” type of thing for our bedside drawers with lace edges and mitred corners. I’ve no idea how to do this easily and get it neat. I’m looking at using a soft cotton fabric so I’m not sure if I need to finish the raw edge first and then stitch the lace on. I would appreciate any advice and ideas. Thank you.

  7. Cozy Cabins Quilt (free pattern!) - My Hub List Says:

    […] As always, she did a fabulous job. 🙂 She used La Conner lace detail as an edging to the binding. Faith has a tutorial on how to do that HERE. […]

  8. Faye Wray Says:

    Nice tutorial however the toe fungus ads and photos of gross toes full of fungus made this page really hard to continue on. So gross.

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