Pretty Handmades Book Showcase

Pretty Handmades Book Showcase

Hi Friends! Welcome to my stop along the Pretty Handmades Book Showcase! Have you met Lauren Wright? She is maker of all things sweet, cute and pink (or at least that’s how I think of her). I am so excited to be a part of this showcase and to help Lauren celebrate her first book.


First off, let me just say that I love Tuva Publishing books. They have published some of my favorite makers and therefore have some of my favorite books. The patterns are always sweet and the pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. This book was a bit of a surprise as I was expecting the more traditional smaller size Tuva book. It is big, has more craft paper feel to it and is full of the sweetest drawings to go along with the patterns.


Just look at the pictures! It definitely adds another layer of charm to this book. With so many sweet makes to chose from, Lauren’s book is great to have on hand for small gifts and those enjoyable slow Saturday sewing projects. This cushion is just one of the items on my list to make from the book! There was however, one project that called out to me right away, I just had to make it!


This gorgeous Garden Path Mini Quilt was so enjoyable to work on, I don’t always take time to slow down and hand sew but when I do I am reminded of how good it feels to just slow down and enjoy the simple work of something like joining hexagons or adding hand stitching to a project.


All of the Hexies I used were gifts from friends, over the past few years I’ve grown a little collection of mostly Liberty hexagons sent to me in swaps from around the world. I couldn’t have planned a better project to join them all together and I love how the green and pinks came together. The two Liberty tea cups are extra special from my friend Lisa Ann and were the perfect center to this table topper/ tea mat. I also spy a little Hello Kitty, which reminds me, I need to find more of those cuties!


I finally had a chance to try the 80 weight thread from Aurifil that I had heard so much about. In the past I had used another very fine thread and had to use a double strand just so it wouldn’t break. I am pleased to say I found the 80 weight great for EPP (English Paper Piecing) and was able to use just one strand.


I skipped the binding that was called for in the book and went with a simple color faded hand stitched double boarder instead. I love how this wool Aurifil added another texture to the Linen and Liberty.


Do you ever just look over each hexie for the little details? So fun! Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you leave here inspired to try something new. Feel free to poke around and check out my simple tutorials and follow along for more excitement coming this month.

Lauren will be giving away a signed copy of her book so be sure to check out the rest of the Pretty Handmades Book Showcase

1 Sept 2017 Lauren Wright @mollyandmama
2 Sept 2017 Jemima Flendt @tiedwitharibbon
3 Sept 2017 Sharon Burgess @lilabellelane
4 Sept 2017 Lauren Nash @transientart
5 Sept 2017 Sarah Edgar @sarahedgarprettyfabrics
6 Sept 2017 Ange Hamilton @alittlepatchwork
7 Sept 2017 Elea Lutz @elealutz
8 Sept 2017 Sarah Scott @piccolostudio_sarah
9 Sept 2017 Martina Bahre @ava_and_neve
10 Sept 2017 Heather Andrus @quiltstory
11 Sept 2017 Faith Essenburg @faithessenburg
12 Sept 2017 Alisha Orlando @ministryoffabric
13 Sept 2017 Bev McCullough @flamingotoes
14 Sept 2017 Stacy Olson @stacyolsondesign
15 Sept 2017 Ali Phillips @arabesquescissors
16 Sept 2017 Mollie Johanson @molliejohanson
17 Sept 2017 Kristyne Czepuryk @prettybyhand
18 Sept 2017 Xanthe Grundy @wifemade
19 Sept 2017 Anne Oliver @lolliandgrace
20 Sept 2017 Larisa Shurupov @stitchingnotes
21 Sept 2017 Sedef Imer @downgrapevinelane
22 Sept 2017 Wynn Tan @zakkaArt
23 Sept 2017 Veronica AM @vividfelicity
24 Sept 2017 Minki Kim @zeriano
25 Sept 2017 Elise Baek @eliseandemelie
26 Sept 2017 Megan Price @dollyhenryau
27 Sept 2017 Nadra Ridgeway @ellisandhiggs
28 Sept 2017 Ayda Algin @cafenohut
29 Sept 2017 Jodi Godfrey @talesofcloth
30 Sept 2017 Lauren Wright @mollyandmama

18 Responses to “Pretty Handmades Book Showcase”

  1. LINDA Says:


  2. Jenni Says:

    I love the mini you made Faith! It’s so GORGEOUS!!! I’m also going to try the Aurifil wool thread…it looks so pretty! Such a lovely post. I will need to add this book to my collection! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Dori Troutman Says:

    Oh Faith, I love this so much. I think it just might be one of my favorite makes of yours! I love how when you look at it, you’ll be able to think of who sent you those beautiful hexies. They are so gorgeous. And your hand stitching… sigh. Love it all. I can’t wait for the book!!!!! xoxo

    Dori @redfeedsack

  4. Lauren at Molly and Mama Says:

    Faith, thank you so very much for joining the ‘Pretty Handmades’ book showcase and blog tour. Your version of the Garden Path Mini Quilt made me smile from ear to ear! You can see how much love and care has gone into every part; the hexies from friends and your beautiful piecing and quilting! Thanks again xxx

  5. Allison in Alabama Says:

    That little hexie quilt is just adorable!!

  6. Ali Phillips Says:

    I just love what you’ve made, and all the significance that each hexie holds for you. Very special x Ali

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  8. Shelley Says:

    Gorgeous! I love this!!

  9. Larisa Says:

    I absolutely love this mini, Faith! What a fabulous and special idea to use all the hexies. Beautiful! Larisa xo

  10. Week 2 Round Up of the the Pretty Handmades Book Showcase - Molly and Mama Says:

    […] from Sarana Ave was drawn to the Garden Path Mini Quilt because it was the perfect way to showcase all the hexies […]

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