Blue Carolina: An Unconventional Mini


Welcome to Sarana Ave, my name is Faith Essenburg, I am a stay at home mama to three boys, making pretty things every chance I get. Today I am excited to share with you my Unconventional Mini Quilt for the Blue Carolina Tour. I’m sure by now you have all been ooohing and aaahing over Christopher Thompson’s, (aka The Tattooed Quilter) first fabric line for Riley Blake Designs. I love Christopher’s fresh designs and his fabric is no exception.


These are some of my favorite prints from the line, I can imagine everything from quilts to dresses in these lovely prints, and don’t you just love those tiny pups on the salvage? I was so excited to work on this blog tour and a little bit stumped when it came to the “unconventional” part, because lets face it; it’s sometimes comfortable to work inside the quilting “box”. Our mission was to make a mini that was a shape other than a square, so I of course let loose and went wild with a CIRCLE! Crazy, I know!


This design is one of my favorites from the book Sweetly Stitched Handmades by Amy Sinibaldi, I just left out the pillow instructions and went with a hand quilted wall hanging instead. It’s a really fun pattern to work on and I just love how it turned out in these beautiful blues.


As I was working on this project my husband said he really liked it, he usually likes the things I make but I believe this was the first time he “really” liked something I made. I’m guessing it has something to do with the amount of pink and frills that usually go into my projects. I’ve made a mental note to make more blue things 😉


I added a boarder of hand stitching using wool variegated thread from Aurifil, I had planned on using pink and blue but at the last minute decided to go with yellow to play off the bits of sunny yellow in the fabric. I’m so happy with how it turned out, sometimes the little last second tweaks are the icing on the cake.


Pins and puppy dogs, what’s not to love!?!


I cant decide if I’ll keep this on my wall or use it as a table topper or even hanging half way over the side of an end table, the possibilities are endless with a mini quilt. Each print from Blue Carolina is in this Starburst Dresden and I can’t settle on a favorite, the minute I pick one I change my mind.


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Thank you for stopping by, feel free to look around and come back again soon. As always I hope you leave here inspired.

9 Responses to “Blue Carolina: An Unconventional Mini”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Super cute Faith! My favorite color is blue–so of course I love it! And you are so good about all the sweet embellishments that I am too impatient to include 🙂

  2. Michelle Says:

    This looks fabulous! No wonder your hubby likes it!

  3. Rosemaryflower Says:

    Amy, this is beautiful. I love the fabrics. The wall hanging is a great idea, and I love table toppers. This is a very classic look, yes, I think attractive to hubbys

  4. Andy Bacarella Says:

    Very nice, thank you!

  5. Helen LeBrett Says:

    I love your pillow: great pattern, and I love it in the blues. Your hand quilting just adds a perfect touch to it too! And where did you get the varigated threads? I saw your post w/ the Liberty London’s the other day on the Aurifil blog and looked around the web for them, but could only find a few listed on one site. It looks like you have a good collection of them, and I’d love to find where you got yours. Thanks!! Hugs, from H

    • saranaave Says:

      Hi! Thank you so much! I was lucky enough to get my thread from the manufacturer but I have also had luck searching on google for buying the less popular ones. These are the Lana wool variegated threads from Aurifil. I hope you can find them!

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