Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part One: The Machine


Hi guys! Remember that beautiful new Janome I’ve been testing out? Well here is your long awaited review! Now, I must tell you that this is my first time ever reviewing a sewing machine, but I figure if I just share with you like you’re my bestie then I can’t got wrong. So grab a cup of something hot to drink and lets get started!


This my friend, is the new Janome Memory Craft 6700P (P standing for professional), and boy oh boy isn’t she a beauty? As you read along, note how every little detail of this machine is made to work WITH you and not against you, something that really stood out to me. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy she is (it’s a she, OK?), the whole base is metal, making it a heavy duty working machine, perfect for a more serious sewer like myself. Sometimes I sew for long stretches at a time and I’m usually sewing fast, my own machine will overheat and start to smell like burning plastic (I know, I know!) not a problem with this one at all! The next thing I noticed is just how HUGE that throat space is! Oh my GOODNESS, have I been in quilting heaven!


Now if you look very closely, you will see my own tiny machine sitting back there to show you just how big that work space is. I not so lovingly refer to my little sewing machines throat space as being keyhole size and now that I see it compared, it really does look like a keyhole! I worked on a medium size quilt with this Janome and there was SO much room to quilt, never once did I have to push or pull to get things moved around and for me that is HUGE (literally!).


Here we have some of the setting features on the machine that are probably familiar to Janome users but were totally new to me. You’ve got speed control, I kept it on full speed for my fast sewing and moved it down to slower when working on smaller projects. The start/stop sewing button which allows you to sew without using the foot pedal, I found perfect for piecing, gives your foot a rest and is so easy to just start and stop on smaller pieces. The reverse button and the auto lock button are great in that they start WHEN you press them, my own machine likes to sew an extra stitch and then reverse or lock in stitches leaving me having to calculate my stitches, this just takes the guess work out of it by actually doing what you want WHEN you want it to! And possibly my favorite feature on this section is the auto thread cutter! I don’t tend to loose things in general but I am forever looking for my scissors when I need to cut my thread! And I am ALWAYS needing to cut my thread! So this little scissor button is such a time saver and brain saver! See what I meant by a machine that works with you? 😉


Now here are a whole lotta buttons some of which I didn’t use like the dual needle option or programming options to make this machine even more specialized to your personal sewing needs. I love the little lock button which is a time saver for when I need to walk away from my machine but don’t need unwanted sewing attempts by my children. Also perfect for any sewing foot changes or needle threading, it’s a real finger saver! The little bobbin button is easy to use as well.


Here we have your tension for thread and sewing foot (which your friendly display will recommend a setting for whatever project you may be working on), and of course threading is super easy with everything marked out for you.


Top view has everything all marked out for threading and I love how this machine comes with the fancy thread guide which is perfect for my big Aurifil spools. I feel so professional now!


The display is very easy to read and so helpful, on the left you have the recommendations for sewing foot, tension, presser foot and feed dogs. Every time you select a different stitch, your recommendations will change accordingly taking all the guess work out. The section on the right has all the pre programmed stitches for quick sewing, these can be customized to the ten stitches you use the most. Just another time saver for ya!


Don’t worry, I had the lock on while doing this but I had to show you this really cool feature! You can lift the sewing foot as you normally do, or you can lift it extra high when working on thicker projects! How awesome is that?! This was perfect for working on thick seams (which I will show you in part two of this review) and also great for sewing zippers when you need to move the zipper pull half way through sewing the zipper on. Before I always had to stop sewing and take my whole project out to close the zipper, but with this I was able to move the zipper pull while my needle was still in my project. Gotta love a machine that works WITH you 🙂 Speaking of zippers, did you know I had never actually used a zipper foot before? I had to look it up in the manual to see what one looked like! LOL! I can tell you zippers are much easier when you have a zipper foot to work with!


More to add to the list of user friendly features, bobbin thread is easily marked out where to go so it’s all set and ready to go and it even has a tiny little bobbin thread cutter! This machine comes with three sewing plates and they easily pop off with the press of a button! No more digging around for your screw driver when you need to look under the hood! And once you snap the new plate on, your machine knows and will adjust the screen display settings automatically! She’s one smart cookie and my mind was a little blown at that one! Took the guess work right out for me!


There is a very nice sized removable table for working on bigger projects as well. This made quilting so easy, just look at all that space! Oh and if I could have shown you the lights on this thing in the dark I would have but my camera wasn’t having it. You all know it’s football season which means my husband is watching football down here in our family room/sewing room/play room a couple nights a week giving me more sewing time but also less light since he likes to watch TV with low lights. This has been a problem in the past but this machine has three different LED light sections perfect for late night sewing. Bonus: I wont burn my fingers on these lights either (and yes, that’s a problem with my own machine!).


Another thing, see that black circle in the front at the bottom? That is for the knee lift which I was so excited about trying. I used it on a sewing illustration project (which I will show you in part two of this review) and absolutely loved how it worked! Saved me time and effort by being able to keep my hands on my project while working instead of moving back and forth to lift the sewing foot. Also I realize I didn’t show you the walking foot (which is a dream!) or the free motion foot (or any of the other 15+ feet that it comes with!) but I will be talking more about those in my next post where I will show you some of the projects I have made using the Janome Memory Craft 6700P.

Really I thought I would feel overwhelmed trying such an impressive machine (especially compared to what I have been sewing on!), and I was a bit nervous before it came but mostly I was so excited and once it came and I got it all set up, watched the intro DVD as I unpacked everything, leafed through the instruction book and just started sewing. It has been a breeze, no guess work, no fingers crossed hoping things will turn out and even took the fear out of trying something as scary as free motion quilting for the first time!

I have pushed this baby to the max not only to test its limits but also that’s just how I sew. As I said before, I want a machine that works with me and not against me, helping me to grow in my skills and abilities and not hold me back from trying new things. This machine did exactly that! Janome has been very generous in giving me extra play time with this machine and I have LOVED every minute with it. I know so many happy Janome users and have never once heard a complaint about them, I feel confident in recommending the Memory Craft 6700P and with Christmas right around the corner (hello Black Friday sales!), put this baby at the top of your list! You will be one happy sewer!

For even more information and details about this machine head over HERE and stay tuned for part two of my Janome review where I will show you some really fun things I made!


15 Responses to “Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part One: The Machine”

  1. Rosemaryflower Says:

    Thank you for this review, Faith. This looks like a hard working machine. I have all mechanical machines and I do push them to their limits. This machine is a dreamboat!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Great review! I shared this with my friend who is in the market for a new machine this Christmas!!!

  3. Jenni Says:

    Faith, what an awesome review!! I’m convinced…I need this machine! It sounds like such an amazing machine! I can’t wait to see part 2.

  4. Dori Troutman Says:

    Hi Faith! I loved this review. It sounds like an amazing sewing machine! I have a Juki which I love and my favorite things are the cutter and the large extended table for working and also the knee lift. However… I’m thinking this Janome is a far superior quality than the Juki and I kind of want it! 🙂

    I love your undercover mat for the sewing machine… I think I saw that on Jenni’s feed? She did a beautiful job! What a sweet gift.

    Happy Thanksgiving Faith!

    – Dori @redfeedsack –

  5. Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part Two: The Projects | Sarana Ave Says:

    […] From my home to yours « Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part One: The Machine […]

  6. How is the Christmas shopping going?………15 days left if you count Sunday shopping! | Janome Life Says:

    […] As many of us are super pumped about one of the newest additions to our Janome line – the MC6700P – I thought you might like to check out what an independent home sewer has to say about this awesomely fabulous machine. Check this out.  […]

  7. Dawn Says:

    Hi, thanks for doing this review and including such great clear pictures. I’ve been looking at this machine for some time, as an upgrade to my existing Janome which is good but I need somthing with a bit more punch for cork bags and larger quilts. It’s great to see a sewist’s review of the machine -when was the 2nd part of your review posted? Thanks D

  8. Sue Says:

    Hi, I’m very interested in this machine. I’m an interior design seamstress. I work with deco fabrics ie; linens, linen cotton blends, embroidered silks & linens. In your opinion would this machine be sufficient for drapes, French pleats, applying corded piping to cushions. I’m concerned about the durability. I’m presenting using a huskqvarna 950….it’s served me well but needs to be replaced.
    Thanks in advance for your advise. Sue

    • saranaave Says:

      I would highly recommend this machine for what you are sewing. I’ve have no trouble seeing through many layers of thick linens and woven straps. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

  9. Caryl A Rosten Says:

    Today Aug 11, 2018 I am reading reviews on this machine as I prepare myself to part with my old guy, a janome MC10000, who has worked so very hard for me the past 14 years. My Big Boy is losing his sensors. (brain freeze getting older like me), and my super duper technician says it’s price prohibited to replace. reading your review has me going forward with a machine that I was already pretty sure was what I need at this time. BTW mt 10000 started having the sensor issue over 3 years ago so I invested in a horizon 12000 when one came available from a dearly departed friend’s family, so I have a great embroidery combo. issue is I cannot carry that guy to classes. love my janome machines. TY for the review.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Hi I know this is later in the review but could you please advise if this machine has an appliqué stitch with single soa e stitch and single swing stitch too, if that makes sense.

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