Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part Two: The Projects


By now you have hopefully had the chance to read my review of the Janome Memory Craft 6700P (just click HERE if you haven’t). Today I thought I would show you some of the projects that I made on the new machine.


As soon as I got it set up I went to work strip piecing this beautiful Memoire A Paris collection which went lightning fast and even using the 1/4 inch sewing foot, which might just be my favorite foot. I can’t show you this full quilt yet as it’s away with Lecien Fabrics right now but I will say the quilting went so smoothly with the Dual Feed Foot! There were no lumps or bumps (that I am used to dealing with on my other machine) and with all that work space there was no pushing or pulling (did you see the size difference on my first post?!).


Next up I need a project to test out several features on the machine, so a bag was the perfect way to try them all out.


This typewriter is one I had wanted to try from the book Sew Illustrated by Minki Kim and Kristin Esser. Those tiny circles were no joke, but I saved myself a lot of time and effort by using the knee lift on the machine. This left my hands free to hold onto the fabric for turning and maneuvering while my knee was able to simply lift the presser foot. A very useful feature that I will be using again.


I used the same method of sewing illustration on the flowers that I did with the typewriter, open toe presser foot and knee lift. These flowers were fun to work on, cutting and sewing down while watching a show after kids are in bed makes for very fun work.


I used matching Aurifil threads in mostly 40 and 50 weights which made for smooth sewing.


Can you believe this was my very first button hole? It’s a bit wonky due to user error, but it’s sturdy and was otherwise easy to do.


And see, it works! I usually sew buttons on by hand but this time I let the machine do the work for me and it turned out just fine even with a big button like this one.


For the back of the bag I decided to try some decorative quilting with one of the MANY (200?) stitch options and I think these little leaves are just perfect. I also used this stitch on the front of the bag to outline the panel.


By far the most amazing part of making this bag was adding this strap and sewing smoothly through 14 layers of fabric including batting, linen and woven straps, something my own little machine could never do! And remember that extra high lift on the presser foot from my last post? That came in real handy on this bulky section.


Now we have another handmade tote bag for library trips, farmers market runs and whenever we need a bag, you can never have too many!


And lastly for today, I really wanted to try my favorite Ruffle Zipper Pouch pattern (which you can find the tutorial for HERE). As I’ve mentioned before, I had never actually used a zipper foot to sew zippers in so this was very exciting for me. First I had to identify the zipper foot with help from the sewing machine manual since I had never even seen one before either! After that it was smooth sailing and I hope to never be without a zipper foot again.


I used some of my prized Atsuko Matsuyama fabrics to make these little bags and just had fun with the quilting and adding little details. Aren’t those strawberry zippers absolutely the sweetest?


I changed out my thread colors several times while making these so the colors would match and just that little step was easier with this Janome, remember how easy the bobbin is to load? Just like in our sewing projects, it’s all in the details and Janome has thought of each and every detail to make sewing a smoother, more user friendly process.


These are just a few of the projects I have made with the new Janome Memory Craft 6700P, and in case you missed it, I did a full post about my first attempt with free motion quilting over HERE which I think went very well considering I had never even tried it before.  I have been posting my Janome makes on Instagram under #janomesewn where you can continue to see what I am working on with the Janome machine and also add your own Janome sewn projects.

I would like to thank Janome for letting me play with the Memory Craft 6700P and also for making such a wonderfully user friendly machine.

Friends, put this at the top of your Christmas list if you haven’t already! You just never know what Santa might bring 😉


3 Responses to “Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part Two: The Projects”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Faith–your take on the tote bag is fabulous! So many awesome makes on this machine! Well done!

  2. Melody Gardner Says:

    I have purchased a Janome 6700P for Christmas, and have been using it these three months. Your descriptions of this machine are very accurate, and it is a dream to sew on. However, a couple of things I would like to add — I DO NOT QUILT !!! – I SEW GARMENT!! Sew, for those reading your reviews, they should know that it is the bomb for garment. I have a professional counter sunk table with mine, and that gives even more room to sew on.

    I love your bags, and sometimes sew those as well. I can tell you that you could have played with your button hole more. This machine make the best button holes of any machine I have ever seen. I did a test run on black fabric, ( something you should always do) and just slammed in white interfacing because that was what I had for the test piece of linen. This machine did such a superb job, that you could not see the white interfacing in the cut edge.

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