Sunny Stocking Sew Along


The Sunny Stocking Sew Along is well under way this year and I am excited to share my fun yo-yo edition! You can’t go wrong with this fabulous stocking pattern from Sunny Day Supply, I have seen so many beautiful ones under the #sunnystockingsal on Instagram, each one is sweeter than the last and no two are exactly alike!


I pulled from my favorite pink and green fabrics, some Christmas but most not and set to work with handy yo-yo makers from Clover in the small and large sizes. They are so quick and fun to make that I soon had enough to cover the front of a stocking. I made a plain white stocking and hand quilted both sides using 28 weight Aurifil thread to give my stocking a vintage look. The yo-yo’s applique nicely with 80 weight Aurifil (doubled up for durability).


Yo-yo’s are the perfect addition to any project and really give that vintage look I was going for. I used every fabric from lawn to linen and they each sewed up beautifully. I think sitting watching a good Christmas movie while making yo-yo’s sounds like the perfect night to me!


Since the newest edition to our family is our Husky; Liberty, I decided to make this stocking for her. Instead of stitching her name onto the stocking I decided to make a little dog bone tag with her name (smaller and perhaps cuter).


Not only is it a cute addition to a Sunny Day Stocking but they also make great Christmas ornaments or gift toppers for your dog loving friends. To make your own Dog Bone Tag, you will need to print out this simple little template, grab three favorite fabrics (2 1/2 by 4 inches), a felt piece the same size and Wonder Fuse to back each fabric with.


Print Bone template and cut out around black outline, fuse web to back side of each fabric, trace bone shape to back of your base fabric and cut out (the pink and red fabric is my base fabric on this one), next trim the bone print out template just inside the black outline to make your smaller (top fabric) template. Trace smaller bone to back of your top fabric, make a “sandwich” as shown here and fuse all the layers together with hot iron. Trim excess fabric using the front side as your guide.


Add string and small bells or grommets and embroidery. Just a little something fun to add to a gift or your Sunny Day Stocking.


I don’t always embellish the backs of my projects but I couldn’t let these cute extra yo-yo’s go to waste, we certainly have the fanciest pup on the block now! Also, white on white quilting just has such a classic clean look to it, LOVE!


There is still plenty of time to whip up a Sunny Day Stocking with this free pattern and Mary has so many tips and options for making it your own. Did I mention there are also prizes? I might try to make a couple more of these next month for the new babies in my extended family too, they are such a fun weekend project to sew up.


Thank you for stopping by! Make sure to follow Sunny Day Supply for ALL the best projects, sweetest fabrics and brilliant sewing tips!


5 Responses to “Sunny Stocking Sew Along”

  1. sherry g. Says:

    This is beautiful Faith! You have a very lucky pup!

  2. Nicole Moore Says:

    Super cute!! Love this project 😍

  3. Galia Sanchez Fernandez Says:

    super cute!! That Yo-yo idea is lovely and they look so pretty!
    Love the bones too! Liberty love! : ))

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