My Heather Ross Norah Quilt


I managed to get some beautiful photos of my log cabin block quilt and thought I would post a gallery here. The #sunnylogcabinsal hosted by my friends at Sunny Day Supply has been so much fun not only to sew with but also to see all the other beautifully inspiring makes. I decided to go with the “Nora” version where the whole quilt is one big block since I had been wanting to make one for years after seeing Mary’s original Norah quilt. I am just so glad I did, it was such a fun easy make and what better fabric to use than my long hoarded Heather Ross collection. I say long but actually by the time I started sewing many of Heather’s fabrics were hard to find and well out of my price range, but thanks to friends for sharing bits and pieces with me over the year I do have a nice stash! I went with 2 inch strips that finish at 1.5 and the whole quilt top is about 74.5 inches square. Since this quilt is just for my family, I took the liberty of using all the tiny parts I wanted to including salvages, tiny scraps and pajama pieces that I took apart with a seam ripper. This quilt is full of happiness for me, my boys keep asking when I am going to finish it as its already their favorite quilt. I plan to take it with me to Vermont this summer to hand quilt while I chat and visit with the dearest group of sewing friends imaginable, then not only will my quilt look beautiful but it will also hold the memories of laughter shared in the stitches.






IMG_1425 (1)





IMG_1428 (1)


10 Responses to “My Heather Ross Norah Quilt”

  1. Archie The Wonder Dog Says:

    It’s gorgeous!

  2. Rosemaryflower Says:

    Faith, this quilt is really a treasure. You used a lot of my very favorite fabrics too

  3. Maria katz Says:

    Thank you. So pretty

  4. Karen Sykes Says:

    Beautiful and good way of showing those fab fabrics

  5. Corinne Schillinger Says:

    This is such a beautiful quilt! Is there a pattern that you followed, particularly as it involves the placement of the lighter and darker strips? If so, would you be kind enough to let me know where I might find it? Thank you so much…!!

  6. Corinne Schillinger Says:

    Thank you very much…!!

  7. Colleen Says:

    OMG. That is such a simple elegance beautiful quilt.

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