Dorothy’s Journey


I am so excited to share this fabric collection with you all! As soon as I saw Dorothy’s Journey by Jill Howorth for Riley Blake Designs I jumped at the chance to work with it! The sweetest illustrations from a classic story with loads of my favorite color greens.


The greens of course are always the first to catch my eye but now that I’m looking at the pictures the blues are just as striking to me. The pops of pink and yellow are just the balance this line needed, perfect for boys, girls and grown ups!


Jill has such adorable illustrations in all of her lines but this one may just take the cake! She went with the classic book for her inspiration and kept Dorothy’s shoes silver and they actually shimmer along with other pops of glistening silver on many of the fabrics.


This cloud print has the most sheen to it which I just loved but didn’t include in my quilt, I’ll be using it on my next quilt with the leftovers from this one.


Right away I knew I wanted to make a quilt with this line (no surprise there, right?) but I had the hardest time choosing a pattern that would be simple enough to let the fabrics shine and easy enough that I could whip it up in less than a week!


I found inspiration from Heidi Staples (Fabricmutt) and her tutorial for a pillow which can be found HERE. I enlarged the block by starting with a 9×4.5 print and two 4.5 low volume fabrics, the quilt is a nice throw size at 60×68


The retro glam feel of the quilt is just the look I wanted to showcase this classic fabric line and it came together so smoothly and lightning quick.


You can see the block is a simple rectangle and is easy enough to customize any size you want. The low volume prints are a sliver and black Blossom and a white on white gingham from Riley Blake.


For quilting I went with wavy lines in a coordinating green 28 weight Aurifil thread (2845) and the binding and backing of course had to be gingham!


I think the touch of black gingham binding frames the whole quilt out nicely, I just love these tiny 1/8 inch gingham prints.


I finished up this quilt last night and was using it immediately and this morning when I came downstairs I found one of my boys snuggled up in it, those are my favorite kind of makes, cozy and heartwarming.


And lastly, just look at that adorable salvage edge! A rainbow of tiny Toto’s!! I have a stack of leftover half square triangles from this quilt that I will make up into a child size quilt and this bit of edge will be used in it, too cute!

Follow Jill Haworth and Riley Blake for more Dorothy cuteness!


7 Responses to “Dorothy’s Journey”

  1. Dorothy’s Journey – Diamond Block Quilt – Riley Blake Designs Says:

    […] kicking off the Dorothy’s Journey Blog Tour with a stop at SARANA AVE., where Faith is sharing her beautiful Diamond Block Quilt featuring fabrics from Jill […]

  2. Rosemaryflower Says:

    this quilt is adorable using this Dorothys Journey fabric collection. I do love the colors in the collection as well! Yes, the green

  3. Cynthia Crane Says:

    You are amazing Faith! You did this in only a week? It’s so adorable and you’re such an inspiration to us quilter wannabes!

  4. Nina Cotonet Says:

    So pretty, Faith! Love the pattern and the fabric line shows up perfectly! Love the blocks – I am so bad figuring out patterns šŸ˜› first I thought they were long rows – Only when you said they were rectangles I got it! ^-^ Love it!.

  5. Paige Says:

    I am new to the quilting world and would really love to try this! Could you share with me the quantity of each fabric you purchased for the top?

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