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Boxes of Friendships

June 19, 2017


The greatest gifts in life are the friendships we are blessed with. I am a fairly private person (I know, shocking!), we like to keep our family time personal and that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for making and growing friendships. As I’ve mentioned before, this past year has been a hard one for me personally, it’s left me feeling hurt and vulnerable and lonely a lot of the time. But recently I’ve been feeling the hurts healing, and my strength of spirit coming back (funny how that happens when you give it to God). I am learning to prioritize the friends I have been blessed with, whether it’s setting up play dates or girls nights out with close friends I don’t see enough of, or texting my dear friends I have yet to meet in person. It also means putting myself out there to make new friends, maybe just acquaintances, but you never know when that one dear friendship is going to come along in the most unexpected place (hello Instagram friends!). I am learning to sit with friends in tears, sharing in their pain, join with them in prayer, open up when I need to, and for goodness sake I seem to forever be learning when to keep my mouth shut!

I keep thinking of that famous Forest Gump quote “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gunna get”, and it goes for friendships too. You make friends and you just never know what you are going to get. Sometimes the friendships we most expect to be the deep, rich, lasting ones seem to crumble away for any number of reasons. Sometimes the ones that might not look that promising end up being just the friendship your soul was craving.

Last week was crazy!  Between play dates, pool dates, sewing dates, and a girls brunch, I think I saw more of my friends than I usually see in six months! I guess I tried to cram a summer full of fun into one week, our bodies were exhausted but our hearts were full. To top it off, I am busy preparing for a weekend away with sewing friends in Vermont, all of whom I have never met in person! And this morning a beautiful package came in the mail all the way from a dear new friend in Turkey and it’s all left me feeling overwhelmed with friendship and all the thoughts that go along with it.

It takes a special gift to bless others with kindness and my friend Ayda did just that.


The sweetest packages tied up with string, with more beautiful ribbons and strings inside each sweet box!


The softest handmade doilies, sweet pin cushion, buttons and a lovely hand written card. I found myself hoping that Ayda’s next book will be on making and sending sweet small gifts and packages since she does it so well and I want to learn from her.


These beautiful little gifts will be treasured for years to come and will remind me of the friendship and kindness that stands behind them.

Now clearly we can’t all be the best of friends, that’s just not how this all works. What we can do is treat others with friendship, kindness and respect, reaching out to those we can whoever they may be. After all, we are all just people, the same underneath all our differences. And when we get burnt by friendship (as anyone who has lived long enough has), breath deep, give it to God who knows and cares, put on your big girl panties, and try another chocolate covered friendship, because you just never know what you’re gunna get!