Christmas Makes

December 22, 2017

Well it’s ALMOST Christmas and I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple little makes. I got a great head start in June on the Merry and Bright pillow from NanaCompany that I had wanted to make for years and years and then as you know, personal makes just sit and get pushed to the back of the line. Well this summer when I went to Vermont on a sewing retreat I wanted to take something small along that didn’t need much attention, this was the perfect chance to sew for myself!


I chose some of my favorite prints in shades of green along with red, pink and low volumes. I could not be more happy with the way it turned out! Amy’s patterns are always the sweetest and this one is no exception! And it’s FREE!


I used a red floss from Aurifil and took my time stitching not only in Vermont but at the pool during swim lessons as well. I love that this Christmas pillow has so many wonderful summer memories sewn into it.


That trim is just the right size and color but I didn’t have quite enough to finish so I stitched another kind in as well and called it good enough.


I believe these tiny skates were from a Moda line but I could be wrong. I added pale pink stitching along the boarder and white hand quilting on the patchwork.


Santa and tiny stitching, oh my heart!


I just happened to pick out felt balls that matched this project, totally unplanned. From left to right some of my favorite prints, Scrumptious by Bonnie and Cammille, green floral from Atsuko Matsuyama, Milk Sugar Flower by Elea Lutz and a beautiful Christmas worthy print from Lecien.


I had to back this pillow in my hoarded original B&C Scrumptious print that I bought years ago and I couldn’t love it more!


All ready for Winter snuggles with my boys and my favorite Christmas book. The quilt is my very first one, full of mistakes and flaws but also full of love and the comfort of handmade goodness.


I didn’t realize how much the colors in this stocking and my pillow went together untill today and what a happy surprise! I used a free pattern from Sunny Day Supply and kept things super easy by spray basting the diamonds to the fabric and adding stitching to hold things in place. Gives it a fun texture too!


All the wool felt love for Benzie Design, they have to most beautiful selection of colors and sizes. I added a thick fleece lining and cuff that had been leftover from a sleeper I made for Zachary when he was a baby. Sweet memories added in.


This stocking will hang in my boys room for now to Christmas things up a bit along with the garland that my oldest made. I just love these colors all together. Have you seen all the beautiful stockings over on Instagram from Mary’s Sunny Day Stocking Sew Along? So much inspiration!


Wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year FULL of Gods goodness and blessings!




Infinity Scarf Quick Pic Tutorial

December 18, 2017


Last week I shared this little Infinity Scarf Picture Tutorial in my stories on Instagram and I wanted to save them here for going back to later. I hope you find these step by step pictures helpful. Just start with one yard of rayon fabric! I have used a beautiful print from Art Gallery Fabrics for this one and it is SO soft.




















I hope you find this helpful, for more details find my original tutorial HERE. These Infinity Scarves are SO quick and easy to make, perfect for gifts… That is, if you can part with them 😉


Infinity Scarf Sew Along

December 1, 2017


Hi friends! Today we are starting a super fun and easy Sew Along with my Winterberry Infinity Scarf Tutorial! It’s such a quick and easy make and turns out beautifully that I thought it would be the perfect thing to sew along and make for ourselves and as gifts for others! Each week I will post a tip or idea and show you a scarf using the hashtag on Instagram #infinityscarfalong (if you’ve already made some feel free to add the hashtag;-)

All you need is ONE yard of fabric and a half hour (less if you’ve made one before!). I have chosen to use rayon because of the added width and also it just feels so good! Art Gallery Fabrics rayon is especially dreamy, not only in the way it feels and sits but I also discovered that it washed and ironed up really well too! And who doesn’t love their prints?!

So this week to get you started, Fat Quarter Shop is offering  15% off the purchase of fabric by Art Gallery (excludes sale items and cannot be combined with other offers.  One use per customer.  Expires Dec 15th, 2017.) using the code FAITH15. I was so excited to get started that I ordered already! And while you are at it, why not stock up on some of your favorite Art Gallery Fabrics? You can see them all HERE.

So, it’s December 1st and if you are like me, feeling a bit panicked about the lists of things to do, places to go and gifts to buy, take a deep breath and let this little sew along be a break from all that. Grab a cup of something sweet and warm and pick out some fun fabrics to make a scarf for yourself and some for friends and just like that, you will be on your way to a handmade Holiday season. The coupon code FAITH15 is good until the 15th, but get a head start so we can start sewing next week together.

If you’ve already got rayon laying around just waiting to be used, go ahead and start sewing along with my simple tutorial, you don’t even need to pre-wash! And don’t forget to share your pictures in #infinityscarfalong!

Happy December and happy sewing along!


Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part Two: The Projects

November 29, 2017


By now you have hopefully had the chance to read my review of the Janome Memory Craft 6700P (just click HERE if you haven’t). Today I thought I would show you some of the projects that I made on the new machine.


As soon as I got it set up I went to work strip piecing this beautiful Memoire A Paris collection which went lightning fast and even using the 1/4 inch sewing foot, which might just be my favorite foot. I can’t show you this full quilt yet as it’s away with Lecien Fabrics right now but I will say the quilting went so smoothly with the Dual Feed Foot! There were no lumps or bumps (that I am used to dealing with on my other machine) and with all that work space there was no pushing or pulling (did you see the size difference on my first post?!).


Next up I need a project to test out several features on the machine, so a bag was the perfect way to try them all out.


This typewriter is one I had wanted to try from the book Sew Illustrated by Minki Kim and Kristin Esser. Those tiny circles were no joke, but I saved myself a lot of time and effort by using the knee lift on the machine. This left my hands free to hold onto the fabric for turning and maneuvering while my knee was able to simply lift the presser foot. A very useful feature that I will be using again.


I used the same method of sewing illustration on the flowers that I did with the typewriter, open toe presser foot and knee lift. These flowers were fun to work on, cutting and sewing down while watching a show after kids are in bed makes for very fun work.


I used matching Aurifil threads in mostly 40 and 50 weights which made for smooth sewing.


Can you believe this was my very first button hole? It’s a bit wonky due to user error, but it’s sturdy and was otherwise easy to do.


And see, it works! I usually sew buttons on by hand but this time I let the machine do the work for me and it turned out just fine even with a big button like this one.


For the back of the bag I decided to try some decorative quilting with one of the MANY (200?) stitch options and I think these little leaves are just perfect. I also used this stitch on the front of the bag to outline the panel.


By far the most amazing part of making this bag was adding this strap and sewing smoothly through 14 layers of fabric including batting, linen and woven straps, something my own little machine could never do! And remember that extra high lift on the presser foot from my last post? That came in real handy on this bulky section.


Now we have another handmade tote bag for library trips, farmers market runs and whenever we need a bag, you can never have too many!


And lastly for today, I really wanted to try my favorite Ruffle Zipper Pouch pattern (which you can find the tutorial for HERE). As I’ve mentioned before, I had never actually used a zipper foot to sew zippers in so this was very exciting for me. First I had to identify the zipper foot with help from the sewing machine manual since I had never even seen one before either! After that it was smooth sailing and I hope to never be without a zipper foot again.


I used some of my prized Atsuko Matsuyama fabrics to make these little bags and just had fun with the quilting and adding little details. Aren’t those strawberry zippers absolutely the sweetest?


I changed out my thread colors several times while making these so the colors would match and just that little step was easier with this Janome, remember how easy the bobbin is to load? Just like in our sewing projects, it’s all in the details and Janome has thought of each and every detail to make sewing a smoother, more user friendly process.


These are just a few of the projects I have made with the new Janome Memory Craft 6700P, and in case you missed it, I did a full post about my first attempt with free motion quilting over HERE which I think went very well considering I had never even tried it before.  I have been posting my Janome makes on Instagram under #janomesewn where you can continue to see what I am working on with the Janome machine and also add your own Janome sewn projects.

I would like to thank Janome for letting me play with the Memory Craft 6700P and also for making such a wonderfully user friendly machine.

Friends, put this at the top of your Christmas list if you haven’t already! You just never know what Santa might bring 😉


Janome Memory Craft 6700P Review Part One: The Machine

November 14, 2017


Hi guys! Remember that beautiful new Janome I’ve been testing out? Well here is your long awaited review! Now, I must tell you that this is my first time ever reviewing a sewing machine, but I figure if I just share with you like you’re my bestie then I can’t got wrong. So grab a cup of something hot to drink and lets get started!


This my friend, is the new Janome Memory Craft 6700P (P standing for professional), and boy oh boy isn’t she a beauty? As you read along, note how every little detail of this machine is made to work WITH you and not against you, something that really stood out to me. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy she is (it’s a she, OK?), the whole base is metal, making it a heavy duty working machine, perfect for a more serious sewer like myself. Sometimes I sew for long stretches at a time and I’m usually sewing fast, my own machine will overheat and start to smell like burning plastic (I know, I know!) not a problem with this one at all! The next thing I noticed is just how HUGE that throat space is! Oh my GOODNESS, have I been in quilting heaven!


Now if you look very closely, you will see my own tiny machine sitting back there to show you just how big that work space is. I not so lovingly refer to my little sewing machines throat space as being keyhole size and now that I see it compared, it really does look like a keyhole! I worked on a medium size quilt with this Janome and there was SO much room to quilt, never once did I have to push or pull to get things moved around and for me that is HUGE (literally!).


Here we have some of the setting features on the machine that are probably familiar to Janome users but were totally new to me. You’ve got speed control, I kept it on full speed for my fast sewing and moved it down to slower when working on smaller projects. The start/stop sewing button which allows you to sew without using the foot pedal, I found perfect for piecing, gives your foot a rest and is so easy to just start and stop on smaller pieces. The reverse button and the auto lock button are great in that they start WHEN you press them, my own machine likes to sew an extra stitch and then reverse or lock in stitches leaving me having to calculate my stitches, this just takes the guess work out of it by actually doing what you want WHEN you want it to! And possibly my favorite feature on this section is the auto thread cutter! I don’t tend to loose things in general but I am forever looking for my scissors when I need to cut my thread! And I am ALWAYS needing to cut my thread! So this little scissor button is such a time saver and brain saver! See what I meant by a machine that works with you? 😉


Now here are a whole lotta buttons some of which I didn’t use like the dual needle option or programming options to make this machine even more specialized to your personal sewing needs. I love the little lock button which is a time saver for when I need to walk away from my machine but don’t need unwanted sewing attempts by my children. Also perfect for any sewing foot changes or needle threading, it’s a real finger saver! The little bobbin button is easy to use as well.


Here we have your tension for thread and sewing foot (which your friendly display will recommend a setting for whatever project you may be working on), and of course threading is super easy with everything marked out for you.


Top view has everything all marked out for threading and I love how this machine comes with the fancy thread guide which is perfect for my big Aurifil spools. I feel so professional now!


The display is very easy to read and so helpful, on the left you have the recommendations for sewing foot, tension, presser foot and feed dogs. Every time you select a different stitch, your recommendations will change accordingly taking all the guess work out. The section on the right has all the pre programmed stitches for quick sewing, these can be customized to the ten stitches you use the most. Just another time saver for ya!


Don’t worry, I had the lock on while doing this but I had to show you this really cool feature! You can lift the sewing foot as you normally do, or you can lift it extra high when working on thicker projects! How awesome is that?! This was perfect for working on thick seams (which I will show you in part two of this review) and also great for sewing zippers when you need to move the zipper pull half way through sewing the zipper on. Before I always had to stop sewing and take my whole project out to close the zipper, but with this I was able to move the zipper pull while my needle was still in my project. Gotta love a machine that works WITH you 🙂 Speaking of zippers, did you know I had never actually used a zipper foot before? I had to look it up in the manual to see what one looked like! LOL! I can tell you zippers are much easier when you have a zipper foot to work with!


More to add to the list of user friendly features, bobbin thread is easily marked out where to go so it’s all set and ready to go and it even has a tiny little bobbin thread cutter! This machine comes with three sewing plates and they easily pop off with the press of a button! No more digging around for your screw driver when you need to look under the hood! And once you snap the new plate on, your machine knows and will adjust the screen display settings automatically! She’s one smart cookie and my mind was a little blown at that one! Took the guess work right out for me!


There is a very nice sized removable table for working on bigger projects as well. This made quilting so easy, just look at all that space! Oh and if I could have shown you the lights on this thing in the dark I would have but my camera wasn’t having it. You all know it’s football season which means my husband is watching football down here in our family room/sewing room/play room a couple nights a week giving me more sewing time but also less light since he likes to watch TV with low lights. This has been a problem in the past but this machine has three different LED light sections perfect for late night sewing. Bonus: I wont burn my fingers on these lights either (and yes, that’s a problem with my own machine!).


Another thing, see that black circle in the front at the bottom? That is for the knee lift which I was so excited about trying. I used it on a sewing illustration project (which I will show you in part two of this review) and absolutely loved how it worked! Saved me time and effort by being able to keep my hands on my project while working instead of moving back and forth to lift the sewing foot. Also I realize I didn’t show you the walking foot (which is a dream!) or the free motion foot (or any of the other 15+ feet that it comes with!) but I will be talking more about those in my next post where I will show you some of the projects I have made using the Janome Memory Craft 6700P.

Really I thought I would feel overwhelmed trying such an impressive machine (especially compared to what I have been sewing on!), and I was a bit nervous before it came but mostly I was so excited and once it came and I got it all set up, watched the intro DVD as I unpacked everything, leafed through the instruction book and just started sewing. It has been a breeze, no guess work, no fingers crossed hoping things will turn out and even took the fear out of trying something as scary as free motion quilting for the first time!

I have pushed this baby to the max not only to test its limits but also that’s just how I sew. As I said before, I want a machine that works with me and not against me, helping me to grow in my skills and abilities and not hold me back from trying new things. This machine did exactly that! Janome has been very generous in giving me extra play time with this machine and I have LOVED every minute with it. I know so many happy Janome users and have never once heard a complaint about them, I feel confident in recommending the Memory Craft 6700P and with Christmas right around the corner (hello Black Friday sales!), put this baby at the top of your list! You will be one happy sewer!

For even more information and details about this machine head over HERE and stay tuned for part two of my Janome review where I will show you some really fun things I made!

Simply Stitched with Applique, Book Review and Giveaway!

October 30, 2017


My friends over at Zakka Workshop sent me their beautiful new book Simply Stitched with Applique and they also sent one for me to share! Do you follow Yumiko Higuchi over on Instagram? If you don’t, you are missing out on some beautifully inspiring embroidery work!


I always say a good sign of a great book is the one that has all the pages marked and papers sticking out everywhere. I had such a hard time choosing what to make first, so I just started putting papers in the ones I loved most (that cover motif is at the top of my list!).


This Leaf Sampler is so striking in black with all the green shades. Each design comes with multiple options for colors or layouts, you could make these really modern or much more traditional, something for everyone!


This one is up next on my to-sew list, in these purples and greens, maybe just a small pin cushion with a few leaves on it. Also what a beautiful way to bring nature into our homes for those of us who tend to kill actual nature, just whip one of these beautiful botanical scenes up! This design is also shown in rich Fall colors, perfect as Thanksgiving home decor!


I fell in love with this tiny strawberry pin cushion and wanted to make one exactly like it to share with one of you. I remembered that my local antique store had some vintage linen towels with embroidery on them so I went in search of this minty green color and found one. Yay! And don’t worry, the original vintage embroidery will be going in a small hoop for my wall soon.


Yumiko also has a wonderful embroidery guide in this book which I kept flipping back to. I don’t embroider often enough to have anything more than basic stitches memorized, so a picture guide is always a helpful tool.


Something so sweet and little makes me happy, and what a joy to work on bits here and there while watching Wives and Daughters (it seemed very fitting to do a small embroidery to go with the time period of that show).


I used a green wool thread from Aurifil for the leaves and other thread weights of Aurifil in yellow and red that I had on hand. The wool felt is from Benzie Design, they have a beautiful selection of quality felt at a very good price (just don’t get carried away with the felt balls for Christmas garland like I did! hehe!). And of course the linen is vintage which I think gives this whole project just a bit more charm.


I just love giveaways and I am so happy to send this little pin cushion along with a copy of the beautiful Simply Stitched with Applique book from Zakka Workshop. This book is also available HERE on Amazon and would make a wonderful addition to your embroidery library. To enter the giveaway, find my post over on Instagram and enter for your chance to win. Giveaway will run from Monday October 30 till Friday November 3. Best of luck and thanks for stopping by!

La Conner Blog Tour

October 26, 2017


Hi friends! Welcome to my stop on the La Conner Blog Tour, I am so excited to share what I’ve made with Jera’s beautiful new line for Lecien Fabrics. Last year I had the honor of making a quilt for Jera’s new book Quilt As You Go Made Vintage, I learned so much from her first book Quilt As You Go Made Modern, I love how she combines the traditional with the modern to make such lovely work, it’s a book I go to often for tips and inspiration. Do you see that stack up there in the pretty pink basket? This line is full of color and endless options, how beautiful would a Christmas quilt be in the reds and greens? Or a spring quilt in teals and pinks? OK, you get the point! Right? It’s a beautiful line with endless possibilities, a perfect addition to any fabric stash.


I wanted to make a classic quilt pattern that would show off the colors in the La Conner fabric line, I was inspired by Heidi Staples’ Big Bear Cabin Quilt and she was so kind to let me work from her design, with a few changes to accommodate for sizing. I am really loving how this turned out! I was able to use most of the colors along with a few added in from Jera’s first line, High Tea which go together beautifully.


I just love the strawberries, flowers, and gingham prints. This was my very first time trying out Free Motion Quilting and it was a lot of fun. Just simple loops quilted in Aurifil 2324. I am currently testing out the brand new Janome Memory Craft 6700P and it really took all the guess work out of something so overwhelming as FMQ. Smooth sailing and pretty even stitches considering my beginner status.


I used some High Tea fabrics to back this quilt and you can see more of my imperfect quilting up close here. But really I couldn’t be happier with this quilt! I cant wait to wash it and see all the wonderful crinklyness. I think I’ve caught the FMQ bug and I’ll be doing more of it in the future, maybe some to go along with the patterns in Quilt As You Go Made Vintage!


Several of the fabrics in this line have a beautiful gold metallic shimmer to them, which give this line a little something extra. And really those greens are just begging to become something for Christmas!


I just love it! I really should keep it hung on the wall but I think it will end up being a lap quilt instead.


This next quilt is one I made earlier this year for Spring Quilt Market, using the Cozy Cabin pattern by Jera. It is a bit wrinkly from its long travels to Huston and then all the way to Japan and back home again to West Chicago.


Here you can see the bits of gold on the strawberry print and I added some Lecien lace trim to the binding and made a little tutorial for adding it which you can find HERE.


It is always a treat to make for Market and always a treat to work with Lecien Fabrics. Jera’s new line is in shops now and is just waiting to be made into all kinds of goodness! She has many free patterns on her blog if you need any inspiration and make sure to check out the full line up of makers for the LA Conner Blog Tour over at Jera’s blog.

Thank you for stopping by today, as always I hope you leave here inspired to try something fun for yourself.

Winterberry Infinity Scarf Tutorial

October 24, 2017


Today I have a super quick tutorial for an infinity scarf. I made one last year out of Rifle Paper Rayon and I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions on how I made it. I’m sure you can find a number of tutorials for infinity scarves but I thought I would share the way I made mine just in case the world needs another simple tutorial. And I do like my method best because it only takes one yard of fabric!


I am using this gorgeous Winterberry rayon in Pine from Amy Sinibaldi’s Little Town Fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics. Let me just say, I’ve been wearing it ever since I made it, only taking it off to sleep (and I even wondered if I could sleep in it!). SO soft with the perfect drape for this scarf.


Start by cutting your fabric in half length wise, so you have two long strips.


Place fabrics right sides together and sew, using a 1/4 inch seam along one short side. (This was my first time sewing rayon with the Janome Memory Craft 6700P and it was smooth sailing! Also, I LOVE the 1/4 inch foot guide!).

Next, fold your fabric in half length wise, right sides together so you have a very long narrow strip. Starting at one end sew using a 1/4 seam allowance all the way to the other end. Turn right side out.


Fold your fabric in half, joining the two ends together (right sides together), line up the seams and sew together until you have about 4 inches left. (This closing off method is thanks to Tinkerellen since my first one has a big ugly seam down the back of it! Not really an eye sore but still, this way is better ;-).


Turn your fabric so seams are on the inside and sew your four inch opening closed, either by hand sewing or machine (which suits me just fine) I used a matching Aurifil thread (4129).


Ta-Daaa! You now have an infinity scarf to live in and never take off! I hope my instructions are clear, if you have any questions feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to hold your hand. Really though, it’s so simple and took me a half hour total! How great would these be for Christmas gifts?? Make a few to have on hand for easy gift giving! Perfect gift for under $10!

Tag me if you make one, I would love to see!

EDIT: Find a step by step picture tutorial for the infinity scarf HERE.

Blue Carolina: An Unconventional Mini

September 29, 2017


Welcome to Sarana Ave, my name is Faith Essenburg, I am a stay at home mama to three boys, making pretty things every chance I get. Today I am excited to share with you my Unconventional Mini Quilt for the Blue Carolina Tour. I’m sure by now you have all been ooohing and aaahing over Christopher Thompson’s, (aka The Tattooed Quilter) first fabric line for Riley Blake Designs. I love Christopher’s fresh designs and his fabric is no exception.


These are some of my favorite prints from the line, I can imagine everything from quilts to dresses in these lovely prints, and don’t you just love those tiny pups on the salvage? I was so excited to work on this blog tour and a little bit stumped when it came to the “unconventional” part, because lets face it; it’s sometimes comfortable to work inside the quilting “box”. Our mission was to make a mini that was a shape other than a square, so I of course let loose and went wild with a CIRCLE! Crazy, I know!


This design is one of my favorites from the book Sweetly Stitched Handmades by Amy Sinibaldi, I just left out the pillow instructions and went with a hand quilted wall hanging instead. It’s a really fun pattern to work on and I just love how it turned out in these beautiful blues.


As I was working on this project my husband said he really liked it, he usually likes the things I make but I believe this was the first time he “really” liked something I made. I’m guessing it has something to do with the amount of pink and frills that usually go into my projects. I’ve made a mental note to make more blue things 😉


I added a boarder of hand stitching using wool variegated thread from Aurifil, I had planned on using pink and blue but at the last minute decided to go with yellow to play off the bits of sunny yellow in the fabric. I’m so happy with how it turned out, sometimes the little last second tweaks are the icing on the cake.


Pins and puppy dogs, what’s not to love!?!


I cant decide if I’ll keep this on my wall or use it as a table topper or even hanging half way over the side of an end table, the possibilities are endless with a mini quilt. Each print from Blue Carolina is in this Starburst Dresden and I can’t settle on a favorite, the minute I pick one I change my mind.


Make sure to check out all the unconventional mini quilts by these amazing makers!

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Wednesday 9/27 Nicole of Modern Handcraft
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Friday 9/29 Faith of Sarana Ave.
Thank you for stopping by, feel free to look around and come back again soon. As always I hope you leave here inspired.

Dolly Book Tour

September 18, 2017


Hello friends! Welcome to the Dolly Book Tour! I am so excited to be kicking things off here on Sarana Avenue for Elea Lutz’s new book Dolly for Riley Blake Designs. I have been a fan of Elea’s work ever since I started sewing, I remember looking at her first fabric line Milk, Sugar & Flower seeing all the pretty things being made with her sweet designs and thinking to myself that maybe one day I would be able to make sweet things just like those. Elea’s work just keeps getting sweeter and it’s a true honor to be a part of this wonderful book tour.


Dolly has everything I look for in a good maker book; beautiful pictures, sweet projects in a variety of sizes and skill levels, clear and easy to follow directions, and plenty of room to make things your own style. I had the hardest time choosing what project to make so I decided to start with two (which was still a struggle! They are ALL so cute!). First up, let me introduce you to my very own Dolly:


When my husband came home and saw her sitting on my desk, he asked if I had made myself into a doll, I told him yes I had, because who doesn’t want to be an adorable doll?! Dark hair with natural highlights? Check! Messy bun? Check! Dark eyes? Check! Although I maybe should have dressed her in leggings and t shirt but I think we can all agree her little skirt and top are much cuter!


I didn’t have matching dark brown thread so I decided to add “highlights” to her hair and no “Faith” doll would be complete without curly wisps of hair on her face. Aurifil 12 weight thread was perfect for her eyes and lips. The touch of lace was an afterthought to fancy her up a bit, it’s all in the details, right?


When my sister and I were little we loved wearing socks with lace trim, we called them party socks and wore them every chance we could, so I thought it only right to give Dolly her very own “party socks” with lace peaking out from her boots.


This little yellow floral print is my absolute favorite from Elea’s Little Dolly Fabric line for Penny Rose Fabrics, it reminds me of the little flowers on a favorite blanket I had growing up that my baby now snuggles with. I love her little messy bun, my hair too is ALWAYS in a bun.


Dolly was SO much fun to make and I love how Elea included so many different ways to make her your very own, from hair styles to socks and sleeve options and even fancy eyelashes! The little skirt was so quick and fun, I think she will need some more wardrobe options. As soon as I finished making her I wanted to start all over again and make another! Aren’t those the best kind of projects? The ones you want to make over and over. Good thing I have plenty of little nieces in my life who clearly need their very own Dolly too.


This adorable dollhouse quilt was shown at Spring Market and I absolutely fell in love with the sweet design, when I saw it up close in the book I knew I wanted to make one myself. It’s a pretty big play quilt measuring 37×58 inches and there are details galore! I had so much fun making each little room to my liking, adding and changing bits here and there. This was one of those projects that held my interest from beginning to end with all the steps it included, from each tiny fabric choice, the tracing, cutting, ironing, cutting again, ironing again, and finally sewing; it reminded me of the crafting I did as a child and the simple joys it brought.


Welcome to Little Dolly’s home, make yourself comfortable while we take you on a little tour.


Here we have a sweet little kitchen with pink gingham curtains, a puppy along with his bone and dish, and a fresh pot of applesauce simmering on the stove.


Upstairs we have a beautiful bathroom with a claw foot tub, perfect for bathing Puppy or Little Dolly. I added the ribbons of water and made the tub into a little pocket and no bath is complete without a yellow rubber ducky!


Next we have a perfectly cozy living room where Little Dolly can snuggle up in her big chair to read a good book after a long day of sewing and puppy care.


At the top of the house I added a sewing room complete with sewing machine, iron and Little Dolly’s very own Elea Lutz fabric stash, sure to be the envy of her Little Dolly friends! The sewing machine is a design by Minki Kim that just happened to be the perfect size for our little house.


Here we leave Little Dolly tucked into her bed to snuggle with her favorite Bunny, night, night Little Dolly.


And lastly, we have a tiny little mouse living way up in the attic, because no doll story would be complete without a sweet mouse family scampering around the attic after the house is fast asleep.


Have you fallen in love with this sweet play quilt like I have? Are you thinking of the ways you could make this project your own and of all the fun little details you could add here and there? Perhaps colors and fabric prints are coming to mind as well. This my friend is inspiration and Elea’s book is FULL of it. Full of sweet projects just waiting to be made and treasured for years to come.


Looks like Puppy is getting into the apples! The fabrics for my projects are Little Dolly by Elea Lutz for Penny Rose Fabrics and Riley Blake solids. Threads are a variety of colors and weights from Arifiul. I used Clover Wonder Fuse to back each of my applique templates. Notions and trims are from my personal collection.


This little heap of Dolly mess just brings a smile to my face. For now they are sitting in my room looking cute. Scratch that, this morning I found my two little boys playing trucks and planes on the house lines, haha, boys!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my makes today, this has honestly been the most fun sewing that I have done in a long time and I truly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Thank you Elea for making such a wonderfully sweet book, I can’t wait to make more of your projects!

This is just the beginning of the Dolly Book Tour and I for one can not wait to see what the rest of my friends have made! Make sure to follow along for all the fun and inspiration!

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Have a wonderfully creative week and come back to Sarana Avenue again soon!