Pretty Little Valentines

January 27, 2017


Well it’s about that time of year again, Valentines Day! This year I am trying to get a head start on things since these special dates usually pass me by in a blur (you know, mom life!). If you are anything like me, you probably have a running list of friends you plan to send little gifts or thank yous to. Unfortunately, this list can tend to take a back seat to all the other lists we have going on. And then there’s the mental list of all the grand things you will hand make and goodies you will buy to show just how much you are thankful or care. This mental list of ideas alone can be overwhelming and at some point you just have to come up with a simple idea to run with.


I grabbed one of my trusty books, Quilt Petite by Sedef Imer of Down Grapevine Lane, chose a small project and set to work.


I pulled all the sweetest pinks and reds from my Elea Lutz stash and got to work making six mug rugs, perfect for Valentine gifts.


Out came all my sweetest trims and cutest ribbons, which just happen to be gifts from friends (which explains my ever growing list of kindnesses to return!).


Some of my seams had trouble lining up at the beginning, but this was a project that went smoother as I went along and hopefully the chocolates that I sent with will be a distraction to any imperfections there may have been. And here they probably thought I was just sending chocolate for fun, I’m sneaky like that 😉


It’s the little details that make gifts special. Some pom pom trim and cherries for this one, please.


It was such a treat to pick out all the little details I wanted to add for each friend, and though these are only small gifts (not the grand ideas I had worked up in my head) it was my hope that each one will feel a little loved when they open their packages and know they are special.

Have you had your fill of pink, red, and tiny details yet? No? OK! One last one.


Now that I have sent out these sweet gifts to even sweeter friends, I can start dreaming up grand ideas for my next list… So long as I don’t get myself so overwhelmed that I end up doing nothing at all! (I know I’m not the only one who has that problem! ;-).

It’s a blessing to have sweet friends to make sweet little gifts for, isn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have been inspired to make something sweet today.


Little Liberty Love

January 9, 2017

Once upon a time, long, long ago… I started a baby quilt. It was first intended for a baby gift for my niece, then a Christmas gift and now it’s much closer to a first birthday gift. Her package should be there today, so I figured it was safe to post.


My sister and I have a fondness for small floral prints, they remind us of some sweet sheets and blankets we had growing up. Since she also has a patchwork bed quilt, I decided to stick with that patchwork theme. It was a lot of fun sorting through my stash for just the right tiny floral fabrics.


Most of the prints are Liberty of London, but a sharp eye for Liberty will be able to spot some Sevenberry mixed in. The white is a Lawn fabric from Cotton and Steel which is very fine and smooth to work with (and much cheaper than Liberty!).


A few tiny creatures thrown in for sweet little girls to look for when they should be napping, something my sister and I were famous for 😉


I wanted something that would be super soft and snug-able, so I went with the old fashioned tie method using a pale violet floss from Aurifil Thread and tied each knot twice. The backing is a soft blanket fabric I picked up from the remnant bin on clearance at Joann’s for like $6, which made me feel a little cheap until I remembered how expensive Liberty fabrics are! So, I guess it all evens out. This ended up being a playpen size blanket, at just 30×36 inches, making it small and light enough to be used and loved and dragged all over the place by a sweet little girl.


Little Liberty Love. Once I actually got sewing this, it came together so quickly and was a joy to make. I would love to work on another, so if you are in need of a very sweet baby gift this year, just let me know and I would be happy to customize one just for you. After all, who doesn’t love a handmade gift, and I have a stash full of tiny floral prints.

Long Overdue Makes

December 6, 2016


I have a confession. See those Playground fabrics up there? Ya, I got them in August and have just now completed two projects with them. I feel like there’s maybe some sort of quilters jail I should be put in, then again us quilters are famous for our WIP’s (work in progress) so maybe I am finally just your average maker with a pile of half made projects. Don’t worry though; they have been pet and played with plenty and ever so slowly turned into something sweet.

First up, the I Spy print reminded me so much of my three boys at play in our yard that I knew almost immediately what I wanted to make with it.


A little portrait wall hanging for our home, complete with matching linen, hand stitching, and sewing illustration name tags. My boys are ages 9, 5, and 3 and they look VERY similar to these pictures, so much so that my middle son asked how we got their pictures on to the fabric.


My sewing illustration cursive is a lot like my cursive hand writing: messy. But, I tried my best and got better as I went. It’s no joke sewing tiny words with a sewing machine!


See, better already! I used Aurifil thread 2745 in a dark inky blue color going over the letters twice with the 50 weight thread. The blue hand stitching is a double strand of color 2815 in 28 weight which I need to order more of.


And Zachary. My hand stitching was so rusty when I first started this little project that I had to use a piece of washi tape just to stitch a straight line next to. Fortunately, creativity seems to be like riding a bike and with a little bit of patience and practice it comes back.

Next up I made a pillow to match.


I used the blue colorway and added some Art Gallery Denim in Indigo Shadow which matched pretty perfectly. This block is one I used over the summer for a QAYG quilt I made for Lecien which can be found here. It was a lot of fun doing a small “quilt as you go” pillow and I just love how it turned out. There’s where all my Aurifil blue thread went! All that quilting!


These colors are just so striking. I think I need to make one with the pinks next. The back is a Paperie print with an envelope closure and I managed to stuff a 16 inch pillow form into it which is a snug fit but will work fine.


So there! It may have taken four months, but I finally have a cute finished bit of handmade goodness for our home. And that’s always worth the wait.


Jesus Storybook Bible Advent

November 30, 2016

Hi friends! We are coming up on the holiday season FAST and I really should have posted this a month ago or even a week ago but life happens and better late than never.

I wanted to share my favorite Advent reading for children and families. This is not a sponsored post, just something we really love.


The Jesus Storybook Bible from Zondervan is a beautiful telling of Bible stories that shows Gods plan from the beginning of time. It speaks to the reader and makes the stories relate-able and even funny. My boys call this book “the stinky foot Bible”, which you will see why in one of the stories.


We aren’t always great at Bible reading consistency, but I find it especially important at this time of year when we can all get so wrapped up in the buying, giving and general busyness that this next month brings. We can all use a reminder of the reason we are celebrating this Christmas season,  Jesus coming for us. EACH ONE OF US!


I started this Bible reading two years ago for advent season for my two older boys who were 7 and 3 at the time and even though the stories are short, it was a little too much for my three year old to sit and listen. Now however, they are both very engaged and my youngest who is three plays while we read but still is listening and looking at the pictures, which by the way are awesome!


Here is a FREE printable to go along with the Bible Advent readings. There is one for each day with a picture on the front and the scripture reading on the back. I like to put these in our Advent calendar (along with a candy, of course!) and then let the kids find the matching picture in our book. The readings will take you from the very beginning all the way to Jesus birth; telling of Gods love that is “Never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love”. It is beautifully written and you will be moved no mater how old you are.


This is the perfect chance to get your kids (and your whole family) in the habit of Bible reading! My boys wanted to keep reading every day last year so we could finish the whole Bible. These are stories and lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I know first hand the importance of knowing these lessons and knowing this “never stopping, always and forever LOVE”. If you are new to the Bible, this is a great chance to learn together the basics and if you have any questions feel free to ask me here or send me a private message on Instagram or Facebook.

So, get the book HERE from Amazon for about $10 or from FaithGateway who is offering free shipping till the 12th.

The FREE printable is HERE.

And if you are really lazy (or just awesome!) you can get the DVD’s HERE which is great watching and easy for the kids to do while you bake all the cookies.

So you may not start tomorrow, unless you run out to the bookstore today or get it on Kindle but even if you take a few days to catch up or double up on reading; you will be glad you did.

Make this holiday season one to remember with these short stories bringing the focus on the meaning of Christmas.

Quilt Petite Blog Hop

November 17, 2016


Hi everyone! Welcome to my stop on the Quilt Petite Blog Hop! I have been looking forward to Sedef’s book ever since she announced it. I just love her style and sweet makes and let me just say, her book does not disappoint.


Filled with gorgeous pictures and projects, it’s a book I find myself coming back to for ideas, inspiration and let’s be honest here; just to look at. So much pretty. It was hard to chose a project, but I kept coming back to the beautiful Nine Patch.


And of course, I went with all Liberty Of London prints which was a little tricky because of their high volume but also a fun challenge.


I think this project was originally meant to be a wall hanging but I pictured it as a table topper. The directions and steps in Quilt Petite are very easy to follow with lots of illustrations for anything that needs further explaining.


How sweet would a whole baby quilt be in this design? Or placing your Nine Patches in color order would give this project a whole different feel.


I also made little coasters to go along with the “table topper”, perfect for finishing off a pretty little party. I love the versatility of these projects and the interpretation we have seen so far along the blog hop.


This project was a pretty quick make after fabrics were selected and the cutting was done. The little blocks come together quickly and it made for very enjoyable sewing time. I already have more projects mentally lined up to make from this beautiful book.

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Thank you for stopping by!


Easy Oven Mitt Tutorial

September 27, 2016


Fall is here! And along with it comes cooler weather, shorter days, and the urge to bake ALL the things; namely all the Pumpkin Spice things! Today however, we will be cooking up an oven mitt. Not quite as tasty as say, pumpkin muffins but it will help you in your actual baking later. So without further ramblings, I give you my Easy Oven Mitt Tutorial!

For this recipe you will need:

Your main fabric- 2 pieces measuring 9 x 11 inches

Cotton Batting- Also 2 pieces (one for front side and one for back) 9 x 11

Insulbright- You guessed it, 2 pieces both measuring 9 x 11 (see how easy this is already!)

Accent trim fabric- measuring 2-1/2 by 14 inches, folded in half length wise and ironed.

And of course the usual- thread, scissors, sewing machine, and minimal sewing experience.

Print out my Easy Oven Mitt Template HERE (personal use only, thanks!) and cut template out. I find it best to use card stock as it will last longer if you plan on making a few of these babies.


Layer your 9 x 11’s in this order (top picture), Cotton batting, Insulbright, and your main fabric. Repeat with second set of 9 x 11’s. Next, cut out mitt shape for both your front and back side of mitt making SURE to flip the template once so you don’t end up with a mismatched hand shape! I am supper lazy (or genius) and use my rotary cutter to cut around the template.


Once you have your two sides cut out, place them together with right sides facing (top picture) and clip. Using a generous 1/4 inch seam allowance sew around mitt leaving just the bottom open. Next, make three small snips in the corner of the thumb (bottom left picture) making sure to not clip through your seam line. Zig zag stitch around the mitt (not the bottom) so you have a nice clean inside. Turn right side out using a turning tool to get the thumb out (I use an extra large knitting needle). Attach your accent fabric as you would any binding, just think of it as a very tiny strip of binding! You know the drill: raw edges aligned, tuck your binding tail when you finish, fold over edge of mitt and clip, then stitch in the ditch on the front making sure to catch the trim on the back as well. Just give a shout if you need any help!

Now you have a complete oven mitt!


I should mention that this mitt is a smaller fitting one. For years I never used my mitts because they were so big and always got in the way when baking, nothing worse than a over sized oven mitt thumb print in the edge of a nice pie crust or not having a good grip on a massive pot of boiling water! I had all but given up on oven mitts until my sister-in-law gave me a smaller one a couple years ago. That poor mitt is so ratty and used now. I absolutely love its smaller size and snug fit.


Now you may think I was lazy again or forgot to line my mitt, and as nice as it looks to have a lining; I left it out on purpose. I tried lining on my first one but I just couldn’t get a good grip with that lining, so I have left it with the cotton batting on the inside. Not only is it soft and fluffy but also helps you get a good grip which is ideal when you are a serious baker/cooker like I am 😉


Make one or two for yourself or as gifts for friends (dare I say Christmas yet?). These are so fun that I’ve made a few as gifts, and I *might* even have a few listed in my Etsy shop in the next couple days. Feel free to Pin it for future reference, tag me on Instagram or Facebook when you make your own and use the #easyovenmitt hashtag so we can all see.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!




Antique Flower in Pastel and QAYG

September 19, 2016

Hi there friends! I feel like summer is officially wrapping up and before we head into Fall I want to share one, no actually two last summer makes with you. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some sneak peeks of the beautiful fabric bundle that Lecien Fabrics sent me called Antique Flower In Pastel. I’ve been trying all summer to do this gorgeous fabric justice in pictures, not an easy task and I’m afraid this is one of those lines that you have to see in person to believe how pretty it is. With pastel blue, pink, green and yellow and pops of bright reds and greens; it really is such a beautiful collection.


After being thoroughly inspired  by reading Jera Brandvig’s book Quilt As You Go Made Modern I decided to try a little QAYG designing myself. Simple as it may be, it was so much fun (and a little terrifying)  working on a project all my own. Now, I am sure I have seen a similar block layout somewhere but I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere and so I drafted my own and tested it out until I got the dimensions just right.


It’s a simple repeat of 6 inch blocks quilted one at a time. The center square is cut to 4 3/4 inch and set on its point with the four corner pieces made up of 4 inch half square triangles. If you have yet to try the QAYG method, I highly recommend giving it a go. Consider it the “coloring outside the lines” version of traditional quilting. Each block is unique, adding to the beauty of the overall finished “picture” of the quilt. I guess I took Jera’s words to heart when she said in her book “You are the artist and the batting is your canvas”. Pure inspiration right there!


I love the look of the quilting and it’s imperfectly perfect simplicity. This baby quilt finished up at 36 inches square, backed with a pale green flannel for extra snuggle factor. I was thrilled to see that Lecien had it on display at a show this past weekend. So special and such an honor! After I sent this quilt off, I just wanted to keep working with this fabric line so I decided to make another quilt, this time using a pattern from Jera’s book.


Since I had used up all of the white floral colorway in the first quilt, I added pops of bright green and pink from Lecien’s 1000 Colors fabric line. (By the way, I will be needing BOLTS of the white floral prints!!!). I wasn’t too sure about the random color placement about half way through the blocks but was encouraged by a couple of quilty friends to keep with it. I am glad I took their advice and didn’t scrap the whole project (come on, I know you’ve been there too!).


I love how Jera has simple quilt blocks in her book with instructions and then multiple options for the layout. Seriously, so much inspiration to make her quilts, a variation or one all of your own. On this quilt I simply added another row to one side to complete the “X” pattern. After all, who doesn’t like a bigger quilt? Oh and her binding method is brilliant and has saved me the stress that used to come with closing off my binding. Seriously, BRILLIANT!


Simple straight line quilting added a bit of a modern touch to go with the bold colors in this quilt. Oh and yes, it’s wrinkly ALREADY because in the day I waited for the sun to come out and play for pictures, my boys got to it.Oh well, such is the life of a quilt.


Sometimes I struggle with letting a quilt be random and wanting some sort of pattern. So this time I decided to let go of that part of me that grips so tightly to quilt “order” and let the pieces fall where they may. With the exception of the white pattern, of course. In the end I actually gave my two littlest boys the job of laying out the blocks and making the “X’s” appear, fun for them and gave me enough time to finish up two last blocks.


My biggest quilt helper wasn’t quite big enough to show off the whole thing, but I’ll count this photo “fail” as a photo WIN with that cute smile! Also, I wasn’t too sure about the solid green binding (boring?) but I think it really kind of pulls the whole quilt together and once again I’ve backed it with pale green flannel.


And with that, I have used up most of my Antique Flower in Pastel bundle (otherwise I would just keep making more!). This was the summer of Quilt As You Go for me, three quilts in total, one of which will be in Jera’s second book!! (where’s the dancing lady emoji when you need her?!). I may be a little late to the QAYG party but I think I have more than made up for it, and really it’s NEVER to late to join the fun!

Antique Flower In Pastel will be in stores this fall and you can find Jera’s book Quilt As You Go Made Modern now.

Thanks for stopping by, next time I’ll be back with something cozy/Fall-ish so make sure to follow along here and on Instagram.

Sew Illustrated Blog Tour and Giveaway

August 24, 2016

Sew Illustrated blog tour banner (1)

Hi friends! I am back with another blog tour and this one is very near and dear to my heart. Minki Kim was one of the first people to follow me when I started on Instagram last year; not only follow, but comment and encourage me as a very new maker. I remember the first time I saw her sewing illustrations I could not believe they were done by machine. To me they looked like ink drawings with very tiny, precise hand stitching over them. It boggled my mind to think that these beautiful works of art were done on a home sewing machine. I had the pleasure of trying some of Minki’s patterns earlier this year which you can see HERE and HERE. I have been looking forward to the release of this book all year and to be a part of the blog tour (not to mention along with ALL the super star makers!) is such an honor for me. Ok, enough babbling; lets get to the good stuff!


This beautiful Vignette pattern caught my eye right away, but in more of a “I’ll try that one some day” kind of way. Then after giving it some time and thought, I decided to just go for it. After all, the instructions and writing in this book are amazing! I am convinced Minki and Kristin (Minki’s partner in writing and equal in sweetness) could teach anyone to sew illustrations like a pro.


I pulled my stack (tower?) of Liberty fabrics and used my newest favorites form DuckaDilly Fabrics. It was so fun holding up the templates I had printed onto my Pellon Stick-N-Washaway and choosing just the right colors for each tiny piece. Even my boys got in on the fun of color selections and placements. If you ever enjoyed tracing, drawing, cutting out paper dolls or any other craft as a child, the art of sewing illustration will bring you back to those days. I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.


I’ll admit, I did not read ALL of Sew Illustrated, YET. I read just enough for making my pattern and I am saving the rest to read over our Labor Day weekend. This is a very well written book and has a wealth of information, step by step pictures, tips, tricks and ideas for multiple ways to try your own illustrations.


I wanted to make this beautiful design with my own spin on it and what better way than to add my signature Heartstrings! This is pretty much what my work desk looks like most of the time, Liberty mug with coffee, fabrics and threads all over with Liberty Hearts strewn about. Ok, so my actual sewing machine is boring white and I currently have seven stacks of sewing goodness instead of two. So let’s just say this is my sewing desk in an alternate, Liberty of London filled universe!

IMG_0775I used Aurifil 50 weight thread in a deep Navy shade #2745 which I think gives the “picture” an inky look to it. For a bigger piece like this, I started with the larger sections to sew it down, then moved on to the smaller bits. Taking it one small section at a time can take the “overwhelming”feeling you may have out of it.


I love, love, love this tiny “wire basket”! Note to self: buy wire basket to keep Liberty fabrics in… Also, MUST make  Capel pin cushion!


As you can see, stitches are not perfect. But they also don’t need to be. This is a super close up picture, the scissors is only about 4 inches and from where I’m sitting looking at it on my wall, it looks pretty perfect. So don’t stress the little imperfections, or mistakes; no one will ever know.


For the miniature Heartstrings I used 12 weight thread to give the “string” a bold look. Minki and Kristin have a section all about stitch length for sewing. I find I work best at a 1.o and 1.5 that way my mistakes are so tiny you can hardly see them anyway!


I turned my Vignette into a mini wall hanging with raw edge Liberty binding, keeping with the whole raw edge theme and saving on precious fabric which for me is a win win!

I also had the thought that any of the pieces from Minki’s designs could be framed in a hoop for a bit of wall art. But…


Perhaps I should have stuck to the patterns a bit more because now I have this girl head button smiling at me from in a “jar”! (Insert horror emoji here and read the whole story of the “girl in the jar” HERE).


So here we have it in my sewing space just above my rather messy desk. See the jam jar pin cushion hanging up there? That is a special giveaway I won last year and it is made by Minki herself!. And yes, the little doll head in the jar is there as well, what can I say; it gives me a good chuckle every time I see it.


I have a whole pile of ideas floating around in my head of sewing illustrations to be made! This book is just full of inspiration and I am happy to say that C T Publishing has offered to give a copy to one of you! Just leave a comment on this post and I will chose a winner on August 31st.

Thank you all for stopping by! Feel free to snoop around and follow along for more fun.


Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Mary S. 


Apple Farm Blog Hop

August 18, 2016


Hi friends! Welcome to my stop on Elea Lutz‘s Apple Farm Blog Hop! If you are not familiar with Elea’s incredible talent for making ADORABLE fabric lines, take a minute to check out her work! She is such a sweetie and I am honored to be a part of this fun hop.


Apple Farm has an incredible range of colors that play so nicely together. I thought of leaving the pink colorway out to make for a really fun “boys only” blanket but in the end even my boys liked the pink prints and wanted to leave them in. This fabric was just begging to be made into a picnic quilt, so I set to work right away.


My original plan was a quilt out of the book Simplify by Camille Roskelley. I made up all the blocks which were super fun to assemble, then spent an entire day trying to get the layout just right. I am not a perfectionist by any means (as I will show you) but something just wasn’t clicking for me. So with the help of my niece Lily, (who just happened to be in town for the day) we came up with a new layout.


I love the smaller squares within the large “boxes” that are framed with one and two inch sashing. I only wish I had made more blocks to make up a massive quilt. But 50 x 50 inches should do for now. The simplicity and complete lack of color order make this the perfect “keep in the car quilt” to use for picnics, game day and to keep the kids cozy while the car heats up in the winter.


Mmmm I just love these colors, definitely a retro feel going on here which is just perfect for the cute prints.


Sweet little bears, Yellow duckies with pom pom hats, baby birds and the cutest little chicken butts you ever will see. Oh and don’t even get me started on Elea’s perfect little vintage flowers!


Each of the different floral prints are just so adorable and would be the perfect addition to any patchwork project! And see, cutest chicken butt EVER! Oh and a nest full of chirping baby birdies in an apple tree? The cuteness just keeps on coming!


My minimal quilt lines were inspired by Heidi of Fabric Mutt who is a master at balancing  vintage and modern. Now this is where you will see (or NOT see) how little of a perfectionist I am. What I am not showing up close are the ripples in my quilt lines that are the result of not having a walking foot. After being highly bummed out by what was supposed to be simple quilt lines, I finally broke down and ordered a walking foot. Too late for this quilt but will hopefully help for my next one. Needless to say, It would be a real shame to spend days undoing my less than perfect quilting to fix a few (read: many) mistakes. This imperfect quilt is already being snuggled, used to make forts, has been spilled on and is currently crumpled in a chair patiently waiting to be pulled out and used in this same manner all over again. Quilts, well MY quilts anyways are made to be loved and USED; imperfections and all. For me, it’s just part of my learning and growing as a maker process, and that is something I am willing to embrace, learn from and try better at next time.


Did I say how much I LOVE the greens in this line? I am a green loving girl at heart and these are just perfect shades from pale mint to deep grass green. Also green flannel for the backing makes this an extra warm and snuggly blanket.


This boy has had his eye on this quilt ever since I started making it. He even climbed on my lap to help sew with me and asked “me have it in my bed?”. How could I resist that little face?! Melt my heart! EDIT: the Apple Farm quilt has been in bed with him for the past three nights now and he couldn’t be happier about it.


So there you have it! My Apple Farm make! Thank you to Elea for inviting me along on this fun hop and to Penny Rose Fabrics and Riley Blake Designs for sending such beautiful fabrics. I hope you will head on over to see what my friend Veronica has made today and tomorrow check out Megan and Amanda‘s makes.

Thank you all for stopping by!


High Tea Party and Reversible Skirt Apron Tutorial

August 15, 2016

high tea blog tour image

Hi and welcome to my stop on the High Tea Party Blog Tour! My name is Faith Essenburg, I am a newish maker/blogger/Etsy shop owner and mostly just a home maker for a house full of boys! Most days you can find me on Instagram which is where Jera of Quilting in the Rain found me and asked me to be a part of this tour showcasing her first fabric line; High Tea! Jera is just the sweetest and I knew right away what I wanted to make with her beautiful fabrics.


First up is my Reversible Skirt Apron! It’s a super quick and easy make that takes all of an afternoon to whip up (including multiple interruptions from kids!). For this project I chose three different half yard cuts. I kind of fell in love with the pale blue colorway in this line, it’s just the perfect crisp yet soft shade and really lets those strawberries and roses pop.


Here are some simple steps to making your own Reversible Skirt Apron:

Starting off with the pockets, cut two 5×5 inch squares, fold all edges under 1/4 inch, finger press and clip to hold in place. Add a length of crochet trim along the top edge, folding edges under and sewing into place, set aside. Make two pockets, one for each side.

Trim your two main fabrics for front and back to 34 x 18 inches. Pin your pockets into place roughly 8 inches from one side and 8 inches from the top edge. Sew into place, use a back stitch at the top of each pocket to lock your stitches in.


Next align your two fabrics with right sides facing using clips to hold in place. If you like, add crochet trim along the bottom edge as shown below with the fancy edge facing in and the boring edge aligned with raw fabric edges. My trim is pretty narrow so I have spaced it about an 1/8 inch from the edge so more trim will show on the outside.


Sew along both sides and bottom using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out and iron.

Set your machine to the longest length stitch and baste along top edge of apron leaving thread tails at each end.


Taking one of the thread strands (either top or bottom one) pull carefully making even gathers in the fabric as you go until your top edge measures roughly 20 inches across. Clip both ends to hold stitches in place and set aside. Note, you can also hold the fabric up to your waist at this point to check for sizing.

Now to make the sash! Cut two strips of fabric 4 1/2 by width of fabric, with right sides together, mark a line and sew on an angle as shown below:


Trim your excess fabric and press seam open. Using your iron, turn both long edges under 1/4 inch. Fold in half length ways and press, turning both short edges under. you should now have a long sash with all sides folded under like this:


The last step is just a bit tricky and requires my least favorite sewing item: PINS (insert horror face emoji here!). Fold your sashing in half to find the center. Once you find the center match it with the apron center and pin so the sash covers over the front and back top edge of the apron by at least 1/4 inch.


Continue pinning along making sure the sash covers the basting stitches on both the front and back. Starting at one end of the sash, sew using a 1/8 seam going slowly making sure your stitches are catching the back side of the sashing as well. Sew all the way to the other end of sashing and you now have an apron!


You can add a cute patch, embroidery stitching or buttons to give your apron the sweet little details we all love.

IMG_0252 (1)

I love a big bow on the back of my apron and I like that this reversible apron has a little thickness that will help it hold up over time. Don’t be afraid to actually USE a apron this pretty either! Use and enjoy it!


And what cute apron is complete without a matching oven mitt?  I used the same trims and fabrics to make a pretty little pair. Gift set anyone?


These prints are just adorable! There are six color ways in High Tea and this mitt features just a few prints from four of them. There is also a sweet yellow and a pale tan color that all play nicely together. Lecien Fabrics sure picked a winner with Jera!


That tiny teapot and cup are just the sweetest! Patchwork is 1 1/2 inch squares and these prints are perfect for fussy cutting! I imagine we will be seeing them popping up all over in patchwork projects. Also how pretty are those roses and “lace” prints?


Be sue to check out all the other stops for High Tea Party for loads of ideas and inspiration.



I will be working on a tutorial for this oven mitt in the coming weeks, so get started on your Reversible Skirt Apron and stay tuned for an easy oven mitt tutorial, before you know it you will have a nice set for yourself or a gift for a friend!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to ask any questions. I’ll see you again soon!