Rainy Day Sewing and a Giveaway


Today I have the honor of kicking off the Rainy Day Sewing Tour for my friend Amy and Kristyne’s book! If you’ve been following along here for a while you may know that Amy is truly the reason I was inspired to try sewing in the first place. Her’s were the sweetest projects and the first time I actually thought “hmm, maybe I could make that”. A while later Amy put out her first book Sweetly Stitched Handmades, one I ordered just for the pretty pictures and later ended up making every last project in the book during the sew along! A couple years after that I spent a weekend in Vermont with Amy and 20 other girls who are all dear friends now. I knew this second book of Amy’s would be special too and with Kristyne on board it could only get better!


When you can’t decide what you want to make first it’s a good problem to have! I decided on the little doll mattress and quilt, along with the Kitty, you know just for starters! I pulled some of my most hoarded fabrics and set to work. I especially love the visual instructions in this book, something I find helpful for not only beginners but visual learners like myself.


The mattress has instructions for making it any size to fit the bed you have which was helpful since this is a one of a kind doll bed that my grandpa made years ago. The quilt was just right with a few strips left off of the sides. This block is so fun it could also be made up into a full size quilt with repeat blocks!


For such a sweet little project with some of my favorite fabrics I decided to go the extra mile and add hand stitching. I used one of my favorite neutral Aurifil threads in a 28 weight (2311).


It’s all in the tiny details – – – – –


This Kitty was especially fun to make, from choosing her little socks and ear prints to making her dress and stitching her face. This is a great weekend project or Saturday sewing in a time crunch, think birthday gift! I will note that I used a zipper foot to sew her body together which I find helpful for all my small scale sewing.


My boys are asking me to make a boy kitty next and I think it can be done. For now this little girl is hanging out in my sewing room.


The mattress is extra plush, fit for a kitty princess and ready for play!


Just like Amy’s first book, I already have several other projects marked for sewing and I know it’s one I will be turning to over and over again. If you would like a chance to win a copy of your own, head on over to my Instagram page for more details!


This morning when I was looking for this little bed set I found it in my youngest boys room, he had tucked his two favorite bears in before heading off to school and it made my heart full.

Be sure to follow Amy and Kristyne to see the full lineup of makers this month and order your copy of this wonderful book available mid September from Sunny Day Supply and other shops.

9 Responses to “Rainy Day Sewing and a Giveaway”

  1. Allison in Alabama Says:

    Adorable – very cute touches! I lov that your youngest tucked in his toys!

  2. Rosemaryflower Says:

    So sweet. I love the hand crafted bed. We have one too upstairs.
    I should make some things from this book. It is on my wish list.
    Your kitty turned out so sweet 🐻🐻 : little boys

  3. Kim Says:

    Your projects turned out so cute, Faith!! What a sweet sewing companion, and oh, those little tucked-in bears! 🥰

  4. eresunaestrellaider Says:

    Such a precious little quilt doll!!

  5. missenota Says:

    Beautiful!! (Love your kitty doll!!) One of the first sewing projects I ever made was a doll mattress and bedding set. It’s definitely high time I tried updating that set for my daughter… Can’t wait to see what else is in the book!

  6. Rainy Day Sewing Book Tour | Center Street Quilts Says:

    […] Faith Essenburg and Ange from A Little Patchwork have shared their Rainy Day Book Tour projects on their blogs and you can follow along with the other talented makers with the Book Tour Schedule below. […]

  7. belvesvalleywoo Says:

    soooo cute!! I love it

  8. julianne Says:


    Rainy Day Sewing and a Giveaway | Sarana Ave

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    Rainy Day Sewing and a Giveaway | Sarana Ave

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