Tea Wrap Tutorial and Giveaway

The other week Clover reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some of their products and I was like “New toys? Um, Yes please!”. I am a Clover lover! My absolute favorite most reliable marker is their Water Erasable Marker, I go through them like candy when I’m making my Heartstrings. I also love their seam ripper and Hera marker for marking quilting lines. And honestly, I can not sew without their Wonder Clips! Love them!


I was eager to play with my new toys so I figured a sweet little make and a new tutorial was called for, with the cutest fabrics too, of course! So I made a little Tea Wrap!


Tea Wrap Tutorial


What you will need:

3- 2 1/2 inch square fussy cut prints

4- 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 mint dot fabric

2 – 9 1/2 x 1 1/4 mint dot fabric

1- 9 1/2 x 2 3/4 floral fabric for pocket

1- 9 1/2 trim for pocket

1- 4 x 9 1/2 dot print for pocket backing

1- 5 1/2 inch trim or ribbon for closure strap

Batting: 4 x 9 1/2 inches

Cut all fabrics to size.

To make the front cover, start by sewing one 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 dot print to your fussy cut square, add another dot rectangle to the other side of your fussy cut print. Repeat until you have all three squares in a row framed by the dot fabrics. Add the long dot strips to top and bottom. Press seams to one side.

Note: by using the Roll and Press tool from Clover, I no longer have to run downstairs to iron a few seams at a time. I can press seams from the comfort of my chair and I was pleasantly surprised at how flat my seams got with just this small roller tool. I actually didn’t use my iron at all on this project and that is awesome in my book!


Place your front section onto your bating and add any hand sewn details at this point. I used a simple outline stitch for each fussy cut square.


Set your front panel aside and sew trim to the top side of your floral print pocket. I used a crochet bias binding strip. The Mini Wonder Clips came in perfect for this tiny edge.


Set aside. Next you will clip your 5 1/2 strip of binding or ribbon for the closure strap. Center between two of the fussy cut squares (depending on what side you want your wrap to open on).


Next you will make your ever famous “sandwich”. Place the front cover facing up, then your floral print pocket facing down and lastly your dot print pocket lining face down.


Using Wonder Clips, clip around your whole sandwich to hold in place for sewing. Sew around, leaving a 2 inch opening at bottom center for turning.

Turn right side out and use a Point 2 Point Turner for corners and edges.

Note: this tool has a point turner on one end and a Hera marker on the other. I used the Hera marker to push out my edges and make them nice and flat.


Next, clip the edges and top stitch around for a nice flat finish.

Note: I was pleasantly surprised at how much grip these Mini Wonder Clips have and I can see myself reaching for them on most of my projects!


Lastly sew down the center between each fussy cut square, starting at the bottom and working to the top so the pocket doesn’t get snagged. Back stitch at each end.


You now have yourself a cute little Tea Wrap!


Perfect for taking on the go and makes a sweet and quick gift for your tea loving friends!


These adorable fabrics are called Lighthearted by Ayumi Takahashi for Kokka and are hard to find but so worth it when you do 😉 The dots are from Riley Blake in mint and they pretty much go with everything (I need to order more!).


The sweet back, because I love milk with my tea!


Decisions, decisions! I am always up for trying new teas and gifting them to friends too! That trim just happened to match my fabrics perfectly and the fabrics matched my sweet Liberty dishes too! Oh goodness, and my nails matched too! Haha, I honestly didn’t plan it that way!


The outside of my little wrap is just too cute if I can say so myself! Now, to keep it for myself or gift it to a friend? Hmm.


Well at any rate, it can keep me company and look cute while I do some hand sewing. Tea and hand sewing just go together, don’t they?

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and seeing a few fun Clover tools too. Make sure to stop back at my Instagram later today to enter for your chance to win a set of your own Mini Wonder Clips from Clover! I would love to see if you make your own Tea Wrap so make sure to tag me on Instagram and use the #faithsteawrap hashtag!


Have a wonderful week!

13 Responses to “Tea Wrap Tutorial and Giveaway”

  1. Kathleen O'Grady Says:

    How creative and sweet faith!! Love your fabrics, they are so cute and perfect for this. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Monica Says:

    I always carry tea bags in my purse. I need to make one of these so my tea bags don’t get soooo crinkle.

  3. LINDA Says:


  4. Dale Says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I need to make two of these for my friends how are never without tea bags.

  5. Marilyn Rose Says:

    Nice tutorial. Hoping I can make one for my friend Carol Warner Mesimer!

  6. Annie Dee Says:

    Sweet project.

  7. Roberta Says:

    Thank you

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