The Minis Blog Tour

Hi and welcome to my stop on Pat Bravos Blog Tour. A while back Pat posted an open call of sorts on Instagram and I jumped at the chance to work with some of her beautiful prints. I was chosen (much to my surprise!) along with 29 other makers to create a mini quilt featuring Dare  and Essentials II  from Art Gallery Fabrics. My bundle had mostly blues with a splash of striking magenta thrown in. I set to work planning, which included flipping through my little stash of quilting books, drawing up sketches and a lot of searching on Pintrest for inspiration.  


I wanted to make something original of my own design, which is a real challenge for me. I am still trying to find my own creative style and voice in this community of incredibly talented makers. Each project seems to be full of trial, errors and growing opportunities which seldom leaves me fully happy with the end result. At the same time these less than perfect makes spur me on to try again and to try better the next time.


So here it is, a bit of a hot mess! The “Dare” was a play with the fabric title but as it turned out this mini was  a much needed inspiration for myself. As I started seeing some of the other beautiful minis on the blog tour I began feeling pretty insecure of my own. It’s so busy and bright and totally different than what I am used to making. I asked several of my friends for their honest opinions, I still had time to make another more simple project if it really was as horrible as my mind was telling me but with some encouragement and taking a step back (OK, a few steps back) I began to like it just a little.


There are many things I would change if I had it to do over again (story of my life!) but at the same time I kinda love it. The “diamond” boarder pattern would stand out more on a solid background but this way offers a lot of boldness and showcases more of the prints. Seriously gorgeous low volumes in this collection! I love the navy boarder I added to the edge and the mat style boarder around the words was a fun extra touch.


I lightly quilted each diamond with a pale mint Aurifil thread and used a stitch in the ditch binding method that you can find here. It finishes at roughly 18×18 for a nice wall hanging. I can totally see this pattern being a beautiful table topper with a vase or fruit bowl setting in the center made with colors to match your dining room.


The word applique was a fun challenge, printing, tracing, cutting, ironing, cutting again, more ironing, and finally stitching it on. I will definitely be adding more words to my projects down the road. And of course no work of mine feels complete without a little bit of hand stitching so I embroidered the “to be” on with a thick magenta floss. A little light accent quilting in the center for the finishing touch.


I had intended to share more of a “how to” post about this mini but in an effort to keep it real, I felt a more personal post was needed. Not all projects come easily, not everything turns out the way I picture in my head and sometimes it takes a bit of bravery to share my less than perfect makes. This mini may not go down as one of my “all time favorite makes” but I can’t help feeling a little bit (a lot a bit) inspired by it. Dare to be BRAVE. It takes bravery to make something from scratch, it takes bravery to post our makes and even our mistakes as makers and sometimes it feels almost like a dare when I set out to create something all my own. But how boring would the creative world be if makers never dared to try new ideas and weren’t brave enough to work out of their comfort zones? Makes me sad just thinking about it! So here’s my small attempt at branching out, trying something new, working out of my comfort zone and daring myself to be brave.


By the way, I think the names Dare and Essentials II are just so fitting! The Dare prints really are so bold and beautifully daring while the Essentials truly are essential for any sewing stash with their dots, stripes, rings and tiny flowers! Just beautiful! There is also a golden yellow color way which I *need*. Also if you have never worked with Art Gallery Fabrics, they truly are a cut above the rest and feel like nothing else.

One of my favorite parts of trying new fabrics is getting to share them with you! I have this bundle of Pat Bravo’s Dare and Essentials II fabrics, all fat 8th and smaller for one of you to add to your stash. You will love the bold designs and fresh prints, leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner in the next week.

Thanks so much to Pat for including me in this fun blog tour and taking a chance on my creativity. To see all the beautiful minis click HERE for the full line up with lots more giveaways!

Thanks for stopping by!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Nicole R!



60 Responses to “The Minis Blog Tour”

  1. Lori Kinzie Says:

    Your mini is beautiful! I love your honesty and wonderful attitude! Thank you for sharing this! πŸ™‚

  2. Brett Says:

    Beautiful job!

  3. Jenni Says:

    This is such a beautiful quilt! I love, love, love it!!! You took a chance with something different…and it worked. Bravo!!! I always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you, Faith!

  4. Sandee Pacific Says:

    Congratulations Faith you did an amazing job! I love all the details…

  5. Susan F Says:

    Thank you for sharing! I totally understand how you feel about finding your own style. There are so many talented people in the sewing community and I count you among them! You did great! Thanks for sharing your process!

  6. lesleystorts Says:

    What a great quilt and so fitting with the words you actually put on the quilt! I love your design. Beautiful work πŸ‘πŸ»

  7. LINDA Says:


  8. Nicole R. Says:

    Very beautiful! I love what you did with it and the challenges behind it! Great job!!

  9. Kristin Says:

    Oh Faith, I love it! I know what you mean about needing to be brave and daring. It’s hard but oh-so worth it! Ant thanks for being honest about your process–it’s nice to hear about what’s behind it. And not many people share those messy bit. πŸ™‚

  10. Sandy K Says:

    Your bravery created a lovely mini. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Vicki H Says:

    Your mini quilt is beautiful.

  12. Beth Says:

    This looks great, but your writing is very relatable. I love this fabric too!

  13. Sarah J. Says:

    I love it! I hate that feeling of second guessing if a project “really” looks good– happens all the time at my house (especially when I’m gifting something!). Love your honesty πŸ™‚

  14. Kathleen O'Grady Says:

    Faith I think you did an amazing job!! You were very creative and original. You should be super proud! I totally understand your fears and doubts when it comes to creating and then posting what you have made. There are sooo many things that I have made that I have never posted on IG. It is hard when there is so much talent out there (you included) I need to quite comparing what I make to everyone else. I would love to win your scrap bundle. That navy print you used for a border, I need!

  15. Karyn Says:

    You did a great job! I love the pop of magenta in the piece.

  16. Mara Says:

    Great job, love the borders.

  17. vanillabeelove Says:

    I love it and I think you chose such an apt phrase to go on your beautiful mini.

  18. Rebecca K Says:

    Faith, your mini turned out beautifully!!! I think you’re being hard on yourself (but then I think we’re always our own hardest critics). I can’t wait to see what you make next!

  19. Lori Morton Says:

    Love your honest posting! Thank for sharing your Heart with us! & your Mini is AWESOME!!!

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! πŸ˜€

  20. Dori Smith Troutman Says:


    I loved this blog post. Sometimes the hardest ones to write are the ones that really come from the heart and you nailed it! As for your project…. it is amazing! And let me tell you, from what I can see in your pictures it was not an easy mini to make! You did a fantastic job. Keep it up!

    Dori (@redfeedsack)

  21. Sherry guitard Says:

    Love your quilt and love this post! Such a great reminder that I need to step out of my comfort zone, be brave, and try something new.

  22. Barb in MI Says:

    You dared – and succeeded! Congrats! It’s a beautiful quilt!

  23. irselak Says:

    Beautiful work! I’m so glad you shared it with us.

  24. MaryAnn Start Says:

    You write beautifully, Faith and the mini is a beauty!!! I loved this blog postπŸ˜€

  25. Christine N Says:

    Cute diamonds! I don’t see a hot mess here. Thanks!

  26. Katy M Says:

    Thanks for a great, honest post πŸ™‚ and I love your mini!

  27. Kathy E. Says:

    I could use a mini quilt with this quote in my sewing room! The quote is so fitting and one I need to remember. You did a fabulous job on it! Love those Bravo fabrics…I could get started on my own BRAVE mini!

  28. Hannah W Says:

    Your quilt and post challenge me to be braver in sewing. Thank you!

  29. Kimberlee Says:

    Don’t you just love taking a big creative leap & surprising yourself? It’s so rewarding! I’m so impressed with your triangles, they’re uber challenging to me. And I don’t think this looks that busy at all. I really want to tackle triangles now!

  30. Chris Says:

    Such a great block and I’m sure it was fun to create.

  31. Claire Sutherland Says:

    I love it, it is bold and different . Well done x
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  32. The Minis Blog Tour Quilt Says:

    […] a little over halfway done with the tour. Faith from Sarana Ave and Lesley from Storts Market posted some serious cuteness yesterday. Today, Ellen from 3DHandmade […]

  33. Linda Pawlak Says:

    No second guessing…I LOVE your mini! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. plentye99 Says:

    What’s not to love about this mini. It is bright, encouraging and a beauty. You did a great job.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  35. Quilting Tangent Says:

    Just try to do it, you learn from your mistakes.

  36. janequiltsslowly Says:

    I really love words on quilts. I think your self-challenge turned out great.

  37. Trina A Says:

    I really appreciate your story. Sometimes it is hard to share.

  38. Lori Smanski Says:

    i really love your mini. i could use one of those also. Hmmm on my bucket list it goes. thanks for sharing

  39. April H Says:

    I love, love, love your mini quilt!!

  40. Summer Says:

    Loved the story of your journey with this mini. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Julie Says:

    Love your little quilt!!

  42. Greta Says:

    Love this!

  43. Rose Santuci-Sofranko Says:

    I really like your mini quilt! So nice! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  44. Doris McCarty Says:

    Love your mini quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  45. Laura Says:

    Love your little quilt! Thank you for the chance!

  46. Bethany truslove Says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!! πŸ’• Thank you for the chance to win xxx
    Seen your post on Instagram and had to enter xxx (I’m stitched by Betty) xxx

  47. Laura B Says:

    This mini is great! And I loved your honesty about it! I feel the same way a lot of the time! And I love how bold this mini is! The quilting & embroidery are such great touches as well! Love all the details! Great job!

  48. veroniquewithaq Says:

    Thanks for sharing the story and the doubts behind the making of this quilt. It turned out beautiful. I’m always second guessing myself when creating too and it takes a lot of courage to be brave.

  49. Raquel Says:

    I love that you were brave & branched out of your comfort zone! That’s how we grow. I love trying new things, it keeps things fun and interesting. You did awesome with your mini! I especially love the triangles.

  50. Erica Says:

    Love you post! Like always very relatable and the mini is great! I love that you are getting to be on all these blog hops and tours πŸ™‚ congrats!

  51. Laurie Says:

    Kudos to you for daring to be brave!

  52. Terri Says:

    Your mini is awesome!! I absolutely love it!

  53. Valerie Says:

    As always, you’re full of inspiration, Faith! Lovely fabrics!

  54. Rebecca Says:

    I really do love how this turned out! I know how hard it is to go out of your comfort zone but you did an amazing job at it!

  55. Brenda Says:

    I love your quilt. And I have to say if you had completed it and would change nothing if you made it again, you’ve arrived at stagnation. Constant learning and challenging and changing. Dare!

  56. Karen Says:

    I like how your mini turned out. The colors are fabulous. I have also tried creating my own design but it’s not the easiest thing to do. A quilt design software program would be a big help with that.

  57. Donna Says:

    I absolutely adore your mini!! Diamonds would not be my idea of an easy ‘make it up from scratch’ project so I take my hat off to you! The sentiment is so fitting too. I hope it’s hanging on your wall and helping you to believe in yourself! πŸ™‚ xx

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