August 19, 2014

The past few months I’ve been struggling with the thought of one day sending my boys off on their own into the world. I’m sure it’s something that all mothers think about at some point, but my kids are 7,3 and 0!! I have a WHILE! I just feel like time is flying and one day soon they will be teenagers who don’t care what I think or say and I’ll be like “oh crap! I didn’t teach them anything! I missed my chance!”.
The days fly by and are filled with tasks and chores that don’t leave much time for imparting wisdom to toddlers. I struggle to find a balance between preaching to my kids and leaving them to their own ways. Between sheltering them too much and not giving them enough shelter from this crazy world. One truly could go crazy thinking about it all…
Tonight as I rocked my littlest guy before bed it hit me.

He’s on loan, he’s a loaner from God

Now I’ve always known that my children are not my own, that they belong to God and are a gift from him. But probably more in a sense of ‘thanks for the gift that now belongs to me’ way. When I stopped to think it over for a second it really sunk in: he is on loan to me from God. He does not belong to me. He is loaned to me for a short time and I am to care for him for a short while and then return him back to God when he sees fit.


When I think about my children as ‘loaners’ it sure turns on a whole new light. Think of a loaner car… We had one once, I was a very careful driver that week! We never left junk or wrappers in it. Or how about when you watch someone else’s kids? I know I want those kids to have a safe fun time at my house! In the same way that we take better care of things that don’t belong to us, how do you think we would act differently if we care for our children as if they were not ours but belong to God himself? We all tend to have a little more grace and patience for other peoples kids. A little more kindness and maybe more intention about what we do with them.
On the other hand I’m not sitting around worrying about another kids future, wether they will listen to their parents or do what is right when they grow up. What kind of trouble they could get into or any number of worries. No, because the owner is the one who has to ‘worry’ about them! After all doesn’t it clearly say in the bible “cast ALL your worries on Him”? So with this new thought in mind: my children are loaners from God, I am to care for them remembering that they belong to him, I am to trust him and know that he has their future and I don’t need to worry about it…
Now I just need to tattoo it on their heads so I don’t forget!!

Handmade Invitations

April 6, 2014

I have the pleasure of helping throw a bridal shower for my soon to be sister-in-law. My jobs just happen to be all the fun stuff! I absolutely love hand made cards, so I checked on etsy but was surprised I didn’t find what I had in mind which left me with two options- settle for something store bought and generic or make it myself. With an idea in mind and two boys in toe I headed to my local Hobby Lobby… Two hours later I had what I needed. As soon as I got home I whipped one up to make sure that what I had pictured in my mind would translate well on paper.


I’m quite happy with my results and best of all I could use some supplies from my crafting stash to save on money! I wanted the invitation to be really beautiful and special. Here are some tips for doing that.

Use quality paper- it’s more money but well worth it! The paper I used has a pearl shimmer to it (which you can’t see in the pictures I took), very fancy.

Use textures- the ribbon adds a great feel and was a cheap way to step it up a notch.

Add something extra- instead of trying to cram all the details onto the invitation I added a little note card with registration and info on both sides.

Something for the bride- I added a recipe card and asked the ladies to share their favorite meal with the soon to be bride.



Always use markers- pens are SO boring and dare I say… Ugly! Get a fine point marker in a coordinating color and use your best handwriting skills (which in my case is still sad) and write away. I found that taking a break to stuff envelopes every five invitations or so kept my penmanship from getting cramped and sloppy. Really, I need all the help I can get in this department!

And lastly:
Wrap it like a gift- use nice envelopes, tie it with a ribbon so friends and family of the bride to be feel like they are receiving a little gift in the mail. I may be over doing it and making a bigger deal out of invitations than they really are but I feel that the invitation sets the tone or standard for the shower. It gives the guests a taste of what they can expect at the party and even the highly anticipated wedding- her colors are plum purple and light green.
And after all, who doesn’t like getting something pretty in the mail? It’s the only thing that keeps me checking it every day, you never know when a fun invitation might head your way!



March 3, 2014

Thanks for stoping by. I have a few works in progress that I would like to share with you.

I’m new to the craft of sewing and am finding it very fun! It’s quick and easy which is how I like everything in my life. The options are endless, fabrics, patterns, stitches- you latterly can create anything. And with the magic of a sewing machine you can have a finished product in your hands in no time at all!

And since I’m a stay at home mom of three boys with a husband who works long hours sewing seems to be a great little hobby to pick up whenever I have a few spare seconds (unlike knitting or cross stitch where I always loose count and forget where I was!).

So, that’s all I have for now- just the beginning. A little peek at what I’m working on tonight.
Once again, thanks for stopping by.
Sarana Ave
From my home to yours


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